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My Brigitte, Best Brigitte

Brigitte Curcio is the Campus Correspondent for the new chapter at UTM, and she is so excited that she was able to start it! She is a senior studying Public Relations and Women’s Studies. She is from Connecticut and moved south for school to be on the Division 1 Skyhawk Rifle Team. She serves as Panhellenic President, President of Student-Athlete Advisory Council, Vice President of Order of Omega at UTM, Ritual Chair of Zeta Tau Alpha Delta Mu Chapter, 2018 Conference Coordinator for the Coalition for Collegiate Women’s Leadership Annual Conference and the Secretary-Treasurer for the Rifle Club. Brigitte is so proud that she was able to be a part of bringing Her Campus to UTM and that all of the wonderful women on the team are already so passionate. 

I met Brigitte our second semester of freshman year; we both decided to go through spring recruitment, and we both decided to show up at ZTA. Brigitte likes to say that she decided to go Greek “because I was bored.” Whatever her reasoning was at the time, Brigitte and I wound up in the same pledge class, and we were kind of friends; we were at least nice to each other. But I did not really start to know Brigitte until our sophomore year. That’s when she became one of my people. You always hear people say “oh, you’ll find your person or your people in college.” Well, that is definitely true. Brigitte became one of my people very quickly. We were both at a school far from home, and her qualities reminded me of my own sisters that were hours away. Her sarcasm, wit and goofiness were just what I needed in my life. Not only is she my ZTA sister, but she has become almost like a real sister. We sure do argue like it sometimes. But really, I feel sorry for you if you don’t have that person in your life, or really just Brigitte. 

Here are some fun facts about Brigitte:

Name: Brigitte Curcio

Age: 20 (21 on October 1st)

Hometown: Stratford, CT

Favorite show: Younger 

Cats or dogs: CATS

Pet Peeve: When people are late.

Fav Music genre/artist: Zac Brown Band and Taylor Swift and Ben Rector thanks to Callie.

Hobbies: Shooting stuff.

Somewhere you’d love to travel: Greece!

Who is your biggest inspiration? 

People who started small and made it big.

What is your guilty pleasure? 

Taking pictures of my cat and tagging Shelly Pate in cat memes on facebook. 

What are you passionate about the most? 

My cat And my organizations on campus. 

Tell me the best memory of college? 

Getting my big sister Bridgette! And my littles, Kim and Faith! Love my fam.

What is the best compliment you’ve received? 

One time in a nail salon one of the worker ladies told me I looked like Rose from Titanic. That was life-changing. 

How long have you been involved with Her Campus, and what’s your favorite part of being involved with it? 

Only since June 2017! My favorite part is getting to bring such a reputable brand to UTM and helping it grow into a huge part of campus culture. 

What’s your favorite thing about UTM?

The CPAD(Career Planning and Development Center)! They are the best people ever, and I love them!

What’s your dream job? 

The kind that pays.

We all have our nerdy/dorky habits, what’s one of yours? 

Not knowing how to sing or dance but doing both terribly anyway.

What can we expect from Her Campus UTM this year? 

For it to blow up and be a big deal and be a huge part of being a woman on campus.

Thanks, Brigitte, for all that you do around campus! And readers, if you see her walking around campus, just ask her about her cat.

Photo courtesy of myself

I'm a dance education major who is obsessed with coffee, music, and sunflowers. Social Media Director for Her Campus UTM!
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