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Dear Younger Self,

    Hello, gorgeous. If you are reading this letter you have finally made it into adulthood without having any sort of break down that led you toward a path of destruction. See, Dad was right: You are a strong girl who can hold her own. Now, don’t get worried; this isn’t another lecture about how you should have done this or that; just keeping reading to see how strong you have become.

    I’m aware that time seem like they are only getting harder. Your life is changing, and I am aware that you don’t do well with change. Your friend groups are changing, your family is changing, but most of all, YOU are changing. Beautiful, you are growing up.

    Growing up isn’t an easy thing, but it also isn’t a bad thing. You have to undergo change in order to become the woman who God wants you to be. So, keep that pretty little head up, and keep your eyes on the prize because you are going places! BIG places. Your future is filled with studying and late nights with tears rolling down your face because you feel like you can’t make it through one more test that week, but guess what? You will prosper from these struggles. Just wait until final grades come through and you finish up the semester with High Honors. Also, when you finally think you have met your wits ends and you think you can’t go any further, just know you have made amazing friends who pick you up and encourage you to push on.

    Now, on to the fun part! So, you know all the late nights you spent awake wondering why none of the guys liked you? Like I said before, give God the time to work his magic because he will bring the perfect man to you.  A man with a heart of gold who loves you unconditionally. The man upstairs sure knew what he was doing.

    Last but not least, just live worry free because life is going to lead you where you need to go. You will get accepted into the college of your dream, you will excel in your classes, and you will figure out this whole life thing. Don’t be afraid of growing up because you will grow up to be a smart, beautiful and kind young lady!

With much love,

The Woman You Have Become

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Cheyenne Johnson is a sophomore at the University of Tennessee at Martin and she is currently studying Agricultural Communications. Cheyenne comes to Martin from the small town of Scotts Hill that is located in West TN. She discovered she loved Martin once she had the chance to participate in the Tennessee Governors School of the Agricultural Sciences She is a sister of Sigma Alpha and is serving as the chapter Secretary. She is also a part of collegiate FFA as well as other organizations on campus. She is extremely excited to start this new journey with Her Campus at UTM.
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