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A Letter to My High School Best Friend

A Letter to My High School Best Friend


To the person who used to know all my secrets, let me start off by saying I’m sorry. I’m sorry our friendship ended the way it did. I’m sorry college and distance pulled us apart. I’m sorry you felt like you could no longer confide in me. I want you to know I still wish you the best and I hope you’re happy wherever you are. I still hope you get your dream job and I hope you’ve found someone that was a better fit in your life than I was. I’m not mad, and I don’t blame you. We had a great friendship, but we grew apart. We no longer had so many things in common, we no longer had the same friend group or the same schedule.


Whether it was a boy, a fight, or just plain growing apart, I’m sorry if you have any anger towards me. I have none for you, and I’m sorry for whatever it is that causes you to still feel that way towards me. We grew together and then we grew apart, and that’s okay. It’s a part of life.


Thank you for all the valuable advice you gave me, the time you spent with me, and helping me figure out who I am as a person. Thank you for bringing me into your family, always keeping me up to date on music, and for the endless number of El Patio dates we had. You were always willing to be my “date” to all school dances, go to Chick-Fil-A at any time of day, and you never failed to make me feel better no matter what I was upset about.


I secretly hold on to the hope that maybe one day we’ll see each other, forget our differences and that nasty fight, and restart our friendship. I know in reality this will never happen, but it’s still a beautiful idea that I hold in my head. I hope that one day you’ll tell your kids about our friendship. Not the bad or the ugly, but about the good. I hope they can tell how much of a bond we shared for those short years.


I pray you’re happy, I pray you succeed, and I pray you found some other best friends like I did. I hope you haven’t forgotten the good, Syd. I love you.



The girl who used to be in all of your pictures


I am a Communications major at UT Martin & a Union City High School YoungLife leader!
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