The Garth Brooks Stadium Tour

On Wednesday, November 13th, 2019, Garth Brooks was named Entertainer of the Year for the seventh time in his career at the CMAs. I know many people were shocked at this award winner, but trust me, you wouldn’t be if you’ve ever seen him live in concert.

For my boyfriend’s 22nd birthday, I surprised him with tickets for us to go see his absolute favorite artist, Garth Brooks, on his stadium tour at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, Tennessee. He was so excited!

Even though we had to drive a whole lot of miles this past weekend, we had so much fun. This was our second time seeing Garth Brooks together. Obviously though, we had never seen him at Neyland Stadium, or with 84,000 other fans!

Jon Pardi was the opening act, and we really enjoyed his performance, too. He played a lot of his songs from when he first came out, like “Dirt”, all up to his newest singles, such as “Heartache Medication”. Usually opening acts aren’t as fun as Jon Pardi was, so we really had a good time singing and dancing along waiting on Garth to come out!

The concert being at Neyland Stadium was really neat. It got pretty cold towards the end, so I’m really glad we bundled up! It was totally worth it, especially to hear Garth sing Rocky Top! It was also really cool to have 84,000 people singing along and knowing every single word just like we did! It was funny, we knew so many people going to the concert, but somehow we didn’t see a single one!

Garth Brooks never ceases to amaze me at his shows. At the age of 57, he still runs all the way around his stage not ever missing a beat. He stays out on stage the entire time and engages with the entire audience. He honestly makes me tired watching him! I know good and well I couldn’t move like that at the age of 20 right now, let alone 57!

My favorite part of his shows, particularly this concert, was his “house cleaning”. So, at the end of every Garth Brooks concert, he comes back out for an encore. The encore, though, is not scripted or planned per say. Fans bring signs from home with song requests on them and Garth will sing a few of them! This time he sang two of mine and my boyfriend’s favorites, “Wrapped Up in You” and “To Make You Feel My Love”. Those are moments I will never forget.

Our only complaint about the entire show was that we had to keep letting people in and out of our row! It was so rude! We aren’t sure if some of the people on our row even watched any of the concert because they were up and down so much. Don’t go to a concert and pay all of that money for tickets if you aren’t going to even watch the show!


Anyways, I can personally say that the Garth Brooks Stadium Tour at Neyland Stadium was phenomenal, he most definitely deserves Entertainer of the Year seven times and I’m so glad I got to go with my very best friend and my forever concert date.