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Four People, Two Cats and a Tornado Warning

It was a somewhat typical Saturday night when I invited two of my friends over. The plan was to study for the tests that we had and for them to keep me company while I cleaned room. We knew that there might be a chance for some thunderstorms that night, so we were not too worried. We were hanging out and procrastinating for our upcoming tests that we had for the week. We decided to look up the weather, and we saw that we had a tornado warning, but I did not think much of it because it always seems like nothing ever happens when we have warnings. So, my sister and I put our cats in the bathroom in case we needed to take shelter. We go to look outside and find out that one did actually touch down, so naturally we start freaking out. I called my dad, like any responsible adult would, and he was not concerned at all. At the end of the phone call, the sirens go off, and at this point, we start running around my apartment trying to figure out what to do.

This is the fun part because there were four of us in my apartment: my two friends, my sister and me. We try to get what we think we need, my sister and I grab some blankets and a candle, and all four of us go into our bathroom. When we open the door, though, my cat Kiwi escapes. I chase after her, and she goes and hides under my sister’s bed. If we did get hit by a tornado, I did not want to go without my cat. So, I try coaxing her out with treats because she is a sucker for those. Sadly, the treats don’t work. I am then forced to grab her and make a dash to the bathroom, with an angry cat.

We all finally get into the bathroom, out of breath and full of adrenaline, and we wait. We thought we would only need to be in there for about fifteen minutes, but that eventually turned into forty-five minutes. By the end of the tornado warning, both cats were very angry, and we were ready to leave that bathroom. The next day, my cat gave me the cold shoulder and wanted nothing to do with me.

Thankfully, we stayed safe and afterward went out for food.

Photo source: https://images.pexels.com/photos/53459/lightning-storm-weather-sky-53459…

I am a senior at UTM, I am majoring in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Law Enforcement. I am in Alpha Delta Pi, I am the President of the Criminal Justice Society at UTM. I love anything that has to do with cats and cacti.I am a proud cat mom, my cat's name is Kiwi. And I am a lifeguard at Magic Waters Waterpark in Rockford IL. 
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