7 Cassadee Pope Songs We All Relate To


Okay.. maybe I have been living under a bridge, but I just found out Cassadee Pope exists and now I’m OBSESSED. So in honor of my new obsession, here are 7 of her songs that are totally relatable. 


  1. I’ve Been Good

“ 'Cause when I say that I've been good / That's just how that sentence starts”


  1. FYI 

“Stepped into my place, rubbed it in my face / You can't expect me to sit back and bite my tongue”


  1. Still Got It

“Time and tears go by / But you look in my eyes / And I go back in time”


  1. Kisses At Airports 

“But somehow they mean more / Kisses at airports”


  1. Wish I Could Break Your Heart 

“Well the truth is that I never ever wanna hurt you baby / But it'd be nice to know that I could”


  1. Easier to Lie 

“And it's killing me to know you think / I'm better than I am”


  1. If My Heart Had A Heart 

“If my heart had a heart it would go on and leave me alone / It'd stop having a mind of it's own”