6 Things My Future Little Should Know

Dear future little,

I just wanted to let you know a few little things before you got put into my crazy family, but before I start, the main thing I want you to know is how much I already love you.

1. I will always be here whenever you need to cry it out.

I don’t care how cliché that may sound; I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I know how hard college can be on top of life itself, and I am here to help you through that. I may not be the best at giving advice, but I am always here to listen.

2. I will never be too busy to be there for you.

I’m not saying that my life may not be hectic at times, but I promise if you need me, I will always be down for a chat. Call me up or come over, because I will always have an open slot on my schedule for little time.

3. Heads up: I’m a little crazy.

Not in a bad way, just a fun way! I promise to fill your life full of laughter and smiles to make sure you don’t have a boring moment with me as your Big Sister.

4. Any kind of outings that involve food and Little time…count me in.

You will quickly learn that I like to eat just about as much as I like to sleep!

5. I will spoil you rotten.

I really enjoy giving gifts. Some of them may not be the best because I am not very crafty, but A for effort, right? Craft nights in the future, maybe?

6. I will always be your Big.

No matter how far life pulls us apart once I graduate, I promise that I will only be a text away if you need some Big time.  

A little sister is the biggest part, in my opinion, of being in a sorority. I can’t wait to be your big sister and help you out with your journey through college.

Love you lots little one,

Your future big


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