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50 Thoughts that Go Through Your Mind When You’re Sick on Spring Break

After having problems with my tonsils my entire life, I was finally able to have a tonsillectomy at twenty years old. The only downside to this is that I had the surgery on the first day of my Spring Break. Since it takes a solid week to recover, my entire break will most likely be spent in bed with a lot of different thoughts going through my head.

1. This isn’t so bad. I finally have a week off to catch up on all my work.

2. I can sleep in as late as I want with no responsibilities.

3. Wow, these pain pills really work. I don’t feel a thing.

4. Ice cream for every meal? Yes, please!

5. I should probably start working on some of my homework for next week.

6. I’ll just turn Netflix on for some background noise.

7. A new season of Grey’s Anatomy!? I better watch a few episodes so I don’t get too far behind.

8. Oh my God, these surgeries are crazy!

9. Is that what the OR looked like while I was getting my tonsils taken out?

10. Are these complications from surgery really as common as Grey’s makes them seem?

11. I’m sure it won’t hurt to look up tonsillectomies online.

12. Okay, according to the internet I’m definitely going to die.

13. Oh, it’s already time for my next pain pill!

14. Wow, this medicine is making me a little drowsy.

15. I’m sure I’ll be fine taking a short nap. I have all week to do this homework, anyway.

16. Uh, how did my “little nap” turn into sleeping for 8 hours?

17. Well, it’s a new day today, and I am determined to be productive.

18. But first, another bowl of ice cream. I’ll never get tired of this part.

19. I don’t know what I would do without my mom helping me. Moms are seriously the best.

20. I should text my mom and tell her how much I appreciate her. It will only take a minute and then I can start on my homework.

21. Oh no, I have a lot of unread messages from people asking how my surgery went. I can’t just ignore them!

22. Okay, now that I’ve replied to everyone asking how I’m doing, I can finally start my work.

23. But my phone is still out. I better check all my social media before I start on work, or else it will just distract me.

24. First, Twitter.

25. Twitter isn’t that interesting today. Just the same jokes and memes that are always there. Maybe Instagram will be better.

26. Bad idea. Am I the only person not relaxing on the beach or sightseeing in a beautiful foreign country right now?

27. It’s time for me to take my next pain pill. I’ll check Snapchat after I do that.

28. Snapchat isn’t too bad. Yeah, there are a lot of stories from people on vacation, but at least the funny selfies from my friends are making me feel better.

29. Okay, this pain pill is taking way longer than usual to kick in.  

30. More Netflix will probably help take my mind off of it.

31. I might as well just finish this season of Grey’s and then go to bed.

32. But I can’t go to bed until I have one more bowl of ice cream.

33. Okay, it’s been two days since my surgery and I really need to do a little homework.

34. I got a whole page of my paper written! That’s enough for today.

35. These pain pills really aren’t working at all anymore. Great.

36. I still have five more days of recovery, and it’s going to be miserable.

37. Why didn’t the doctors warn me about how swollen my entire mouth would be?

38. It’s basically impossible to talk right now. I’m actually texting people that are sitting right next to me.

39. At least I can keep eating ice cream! It’s starting to get a little old, though.

40. Okay, Instagram, I get it! Everyone else is having the best Spring Break of their lives while I’m stuck in bed.

41. I should just turn my phone off and not focus on what I’m missing out on. It’s probably time for bed, anyway.

42. The pain is actually much better today!

43. Maybe I’ll feel healthy enough to go out with friends next weekend!

44. I just need to get through the rest of this week, and I’ll be back to normal.

45. How much longer until I can eat real food? I would kill for a slice of pizza right now.

46. At this point, I’m positive I’m not getting more homework done anytime soon.

47. It can’t hurt to take one more short nap today, right?

48. Surprise, surprise. Now I’m awake and hungry again.

49. I literally never want to see another bowl of ice cream for the rest of my life.

50. I’ll make it through this. Three days down, only four more to go!

Photo source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/apartment-bed-carpet-chair-269141/

I am a junior Criminal Justice, Forensic Science major and Sociology minor at the University of Tennessee at Martin. I'm from Nashville, but I love going to school in Martin and I am so happy to call this small town my home away from home! Find me on Instagram @chloewagner130
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