Jared Oliver '13

Jared is smart AND fun! Who wouldn't want to meet this kid on campus? Plus he can rock a mohawk.

Major: Geology
What’s your goal with your degree? Eventually I want to work in water purification.
If you could have any other major, what would it be? Astrology or Cosmology
What animal describes you? Why? I would like to say a snow leopard, but honestly probably just a common domestic dog. I’m pretty loyal and just happy overall. Not necessarily awesome in uniqueness but just awesome.
What’s your favorite drunk snack? Nachos. Cheese, chips, AND chili.
Drink of choice: Jack and coke
What’s your favorite board game? I like Risk a lot. I’m kind of a nerd so anytime probability and stuff like that is involved I like it. So Risk and Monopoly.
Best memory at UT? I think the purest enjoyment I’ve had is when it started raining at the Oregon game last year. Everyone left but the students and the Oregon fans and we had a blast! We just went nuts every time it thundered.