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I used to love the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. In recent news though, I just don’t see the point anymore. Hannah Brown and Jed didn’t work and we all know she should have chosen Tyler C. We see how Pilot Pete kept Victoria around for too long, passed up Madison too soon and ruined that, then ended up with the beautiful Kelly. Now they broke up. Clare and Dale… we all saw that breakup coming. Why even bother anymore?

The show is too forced

The dates and the rules, and the conversations are all too forced. We all hear “journey”, “clarity”, and “follow my heart” way too often. They end up falling in love on week 4, then all he*l breaks lose. Usually, the girls will have some kind of catfight, and then the boys will get overprotective. It’s all just too forced for me, they focus on the entertainment more than the real-life stories. 

They cut out all of the good parts!

After the show has aired and you start following all the participants on Instagram, you see how they are in real life. They are funny, they have a personality, they have cool jobs, they are cultured. When you’re in the show there’s nothing worse than just seeing the bits and pieces that don’t let you see all of who they are. For example, in Clare and Taysha’s season, Joe is a hilarious person, he is a successful man and he kept a good relationship with everyone. In Peter’s season, McKenna loves to dance, she lives in Canada and she’s an overall super sweet high spirited girl! How were they portrayed in the show? Joe was quiet and no fun, McKenna cried all the time. 

It’s just toxic. 

Having this idea that there is no slow pace, is scary. The participants can’t even pick how fast they want to move with the person because it is all decided on the competition. They all are expected to pour their hearts out and then could get sent home the next day. It’s not good for anyone’s mental health. Then the second that someone contradicts it, they “are not there for the right reasons”. At the end of Peter’s season, the best thing in all of Bachelor history, the girls all talked about the bullying they faced. I’m sorry, but NOBODY should be getting sent death threats because they didn’t get along with 1 or 2 out of 25 girls. 


Overall, the Bachelor franchise is not healthy – though entertaining – and sometimes it’s just too repetitive. Hopefully, Taysha and Zac are in it for the long run, but the producers currently don’t have the best track record. 




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