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Why do I use an Apple Watch?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utica chapter.



About four years ago, not so long ago, Apple started making the Apple Watch. It comes in many different colors such as rose gold, space grey, and silver. This unique tool is kinda similar to regular watches except for the fact that there is technology involved in it. 


I feel like an Apple Watch is a very useful technology device to own. I use it for many things such as: 


  1. Fitness tracking 

  2. Health Tracking 

  3. Meditation 

  4. Checking the time the same way with regular watches 

  5. Timer

  6. Alarm 

  7. Stopwatch 

  8. Heart rate tracking 

  9. iPhone alerts since I have it paired with my iPhone 


I would recommend an Apple Watch to everybody, another plus is you don’t have to keep changing the time like you would on regular watches. Apple Watch has the ability to automatically update the time for you the same way smart devices do. This watch can be useful for many things, especially with the ways that I use it. 


Even though there are other smartwatches available like Fitbit, I would prefer the Apple Watch because of its features and how it looks.

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