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Glasses are one of the things people wear if they have vision problems. They come in all different shapes and colors for everybody to make a choice of which one they like the best. You can easily pick out glasses that you like based on your favorite color and the shape of the glasses lens, whether you like big lenses or small lenses. 


Even though contact lenses are another option for people to wear for better vision, I would prefer to wear glasses because it seems to be that contact lenses are hard to put on and take off. With glasses, I am able to put them on my face without touching my eyes. 


Not only can you have regular clear lenses for improving vision, but you can also have your glasses lenses become sunglasses with transition lenses. Transition lenses are lenses that go from clear to dark when you’re outside where the sun shines on them. When you go back inside, out of the sun, the lenses go back to clear. They are useful if you are someone who has trouble seeing outside when the sun is out. I had transition lenses on my glasses I wore in high school. 

Before thinking about getting yourself a pair of glasses, I would make an appointment with your local eye doctor to make sure you get the right lenses that work for your eyes. An eye exam is the best way for an eye doctor to examine what your vision is like. Without an eye exam, you could probably end up picking out the wrong lenses that don’t work for your eyes. 


After having an eye exam from your eye doctor, you should have the information available on what type of lenses you need for your eyes. You have a lot of options on where you want to get your glasses. You can get what your eye doctor’s office has available, or you could see what other eyeglasses companies like VisionWorks or LensCrafters. The glasses I wore in eighth grade and high school were from a shopping mall because I wanted transitions lenses that my eye doctor didn’t provide for me. 


I like glasses with thick frames and big lenses. I am thankful for my glasses because they help me see things better since I’m nearsighted. I have been wearing glasses since fourth grade, but now I’m wearing the eighth pair I have owned. I started off with wired glasses and have worked my way to more fancier glasses that have thick frames and bigger lenses. It seems to me that my vision changes based on the number of glasses I have owned. Glasses can make me look different, but they help my eyes have the best vision I would want to see. 

I'm a Utica College Alumni '21 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies. My hobbies are shopping, watching movies, and listening to music. My favorite color is purple. I like water landscapes and games. At UC I was a member of the following clubs and organizations: 1. Ampersand 2. Active Minds (Public Relations Officer) 3. Art Club (Secretary) 4. Math Club (Webmaster) 5. The Tangerine 6. Women In A New Direction (W.I.N.D) 7. Cybersecurity Club 8. Accounting Society 9. Literature Society (President) 10. Young Americans for Liberty 11. Her Campus UC Chapter 12. Psychological Society (Secretary) 13. Psychology-Child Life Society (Secretary) 14. Billiards Club (Webmaster) 15. Nutrition Club 16. UCTV (Video Production Aide) 17. Student Government Association (Senior Class Treasurer) 18. UC Programming Board 19. American Cancer Society On-campus 20. Coordinated Community Response Team Student Advisory Board 21. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Collaborative 22. National Society of Leadership and Success 23. Student Conference 2021
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