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Top 5 MTV Reality Television you MUST watch

If you’re like me and you love reality television, I have a few suggestions for you. MTV is known for their various reality television shows. Here, I have piled a few of my favorite shows from this channel that have premiered over years.

1. Catfish the TV Show

If you’re looking for a show that shows the ins and outs of an online relationship, this is the show for you. Nev and Max set out to help individuals figure out who they are talking to online. However, this show carries a lot of suspense into figuring out who is behind the screen.


2. The Challenge

The reality show “The Challenge” has been airing on television longer than I have been born.  This shows contains individuals from other reality television shows such as “The Real World”. All competitors take part in both physical and mental games in order to win the grand prize.  



3. Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

If you loved em’ then, you’ll love em’ now. This brings us on vacation with the original jersey shore cast, as they reunite.  If you are looking for drama and good laugh, this show is for you.


4. Parental Control

This show is on the older side and isn’t aired on television anymore.  But, you can you still find the episodes on the internet. This show features the parents choosing guys or girls for their son or daughter to date. They send them on the blind date, and the teen must choose between them or their current partner.  It’s quite the show filled with drama, laughs, and sometimes a little heartbreak. (IMDb 2018).


5. Fear Factor

Fear factor originally had aired in the early 2000s, however has recently made a comeback to the screen in 2018. The show uses its contestants’ worst nightmares in order to break them in the competition.  If they are able to last, they will win a sum of money. Like the others, this show is filled with both laughs and suspense as to what the outcome will be.

With that being said, I hope that you find these shows as enjoyable as I have!

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Hi everyone!  My name is Katelyn DiViccaro and I am a freshman at Utica College. I am a cybersecurtity major and am always around computers.  But, I also have a love for anything makeup, advice, and romance.  Check out some of my articles and enjoy!  
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