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Tips on How to Handle a LDR

Are any of you in a long distance relationship? It’s very hard to not be with the person whenever you want, while you talk every second of every day. I am not a pro at long distance relationship person, but these are just a few things that I do to help myself feel better and push forward until I once see my person again.

I remember when I was able to drive only two hours to my significant other, but now I have to take a 7 plus hour plane ride to her instead. It is hard and was a huge adjustment for me to get use to. I am still not use to it to be honest, but I’ll get there and so will you if you are not yet.

It is so hard because you see other couples together all over the place, everywhere you look. It is even harder when you cannot see them anytime you want. Or, even when you are upset and they are not there to hold you and tell you how everything is going to be okay.

Now how to make it a little less hard. See it more as an opportunity. You can do your own thing, focus on yourself, become a better you, while your significant other is gone. Making yourself better and improving your future will only make both of your futures better. Try to enjoy your alone time and spend quality time with friends and family.

Send them letters and little care packages. Stay romantic with each other.

Communication! Communication is key in every relationship. Talking on the phone and FaceTiming are the best ways to communicate. Lets face it, texting is all fun and games until someone reads a message wrong and it just becomes one big miscommunication, which may also lead into a fight. Always express how you are feeling instead of letting it build up.

Know each others schedules throughout the day. Know when your significant other is busy or not, so you are not blowing up their phone when they are busy.  

Avoid “dangerous” situations. Do not do anything you know your significant other would not appreciate. Mostly, just stay honest with each other to avoid conflict.

Do some similar things. Recommend books, movies, and TV shows so you have more things to talk about. It is easy to share the same experiences this way, even though you both are away from each other.  

If you are able to, try to visit each other. Explore the area that you are not familiar with. If they are visiting you, show them around your area, go for a hike, and go on many dates. Try to plan things to do when they are away for when you are back together again.

Stay positive! Some days are going to be harder than others, but not all long distance relationships are long distance forever. Everything in the end will be worth it and it is a great story to tell everyone when you have finally made it to that point.


My name is Josie Sgarlata. I am a Junior at Utica College and I am on the Field Hockey team. My major is Public Relations!
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