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Student’s Series- SOMEONE

The student series was cultivated to bring awareness to a student’s everyday thoughts. The ones that haunt them, and the ones that excite them. This is about sharing thoughts and experiences, so come take a look inside their lens.

This is another anonymous student. He wanted to let everyone know that they all need their ‘someone’.


I wish I had a friend like me. Someone who is very creative and visualizes everything. Someone who counts every car and every window on each house when they are driving in a car. Someone who I can just call last minute and tell them to come downtown with me, and they’ll jump up and go. Someone who I could tell my deepest, darkest secrets to and know they wouldn’t dare to tell anyone else. Someone I could show my mysterious side to, which nobody has seen before. Someone who wouldn’t use my insecurities against me to make me feel bad. I wish I had a friend better than me.

A Broadcast-Journalism major happily absorbing the ins and outs of this competitive field.
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