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I absolutely love Christmas. It is definitely my favorite holiday. After Halloween, I was listening to Christmas music. Yes, I am one of those people, but I do not care. I just love everything about it. Well, mostly everything... buying gifts can be stressful, okay.

1. Working up the courage to make the first purchase

My Holiday shopping always revolves around deals. Whenever I see something I want to buy for someone that’s on sale, I jump at the opportunity and impulsively buy it.

2. Buying gifts for yourself while shopping for others

I don’t know how people have the willpower not to do this. This is something I always do when shopping for someone else. Did I need to buy that skirt? No. But I wanted it, so #Treatyoself.

3. Dying on the inside once you check your bank account.

This morning, I had this internal dialogue that went something like this: What happened to all my money? Oh… I did that.

4. Realizing that you still have a lot of more purchases to make.

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of my bank account begging me to stop. It’s also the sound of me considering looking for a second job to pay everything off. *please hire me*.

5. Realizing you now have a new closet’s worth of clothing you did not need.

It was a slippery slope that started with that skirt! Now I have a wardrobe of things I don’t need #help.

6. Fear

What if they hate everything I got for them? What if that sweater doesnt fit and they do not tell me and it sits in the back of their closet forever? What if they say they love it but are just being nice?!

7. Remembering that you have to eat

And that the cost of all those presents could have fed you for six months… Not crying or anything

8. Remembering you have to wrap it all

But there is so much!

9. Putting it off for a while

There is still tons of time.

10. Realizing, there is in fact, no time left, and you forgot to get some gifts.

How is it already Christmas Eve!?

11. Rushing through the crowds for last minute gifts

And realizing procrastination is never a good idea.

12. Wrapping it all, finally

How does one wrap gifts? *Looks up YouTube tutorial*

13. Done!

You now have  365 more days to make your bank account not look so sad to do it all over again, and time to feel accomplished. Christmas shopping has its ups and downs. But at the end of the day, when it’s all completed, spending time with friends and family is all that really matters.


If you need to find me, I am probably reading, writing, or looking at dog videos. Lover of corgis, chocolate, and coffee.
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