Spring & Summer Activities to Keep you Outdoors and Moving.

I don’t know about you, but I despise winter with a burning passion. It looks like we are in the clear here in Upstate New York (fingers crossed) and it looks like the warmer weather is here to stay. Unfortunately, we are still in the midst of a pandemic, but that does not mean we cannot try to have some social distancing normalcy to our lives. Outdoor activities are the best way to keep yourself busy, enjoy the weather, and remain safe and healthy. It can be hard at times to remember to have fun in your personal life when you’re busy working/going to school, but it is important nonetheless. Here are some of the best spring and summer activities to keep you outdoors and moving!

  1. 1. Kayaking

    Whether you are from this area or not kayaking is one of those activities that you can do almost anywhere (besides in a city). While kayaking can be expensive if you are buying one, some places rent kayaks that are affordable and you can use for up to an entire day. I actually do not own a kayak, I am hoping I will eventually, but I have not been in a hurry to purchase one because you cannot really strap a kayak onto a convertible. I have a few friends that own them and are always willing to let me use them, but I have also rented them! Kayaking in Old Forge is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. It is relaxing, peaceful, and an arm workout all at the same time so hello! What are you doing? Go kayaking.

  2. 2. Hiking

    I do enjoy a good hike once in a while, unfortunately, I am usually pretty out of shape, but Bald Mountain is one of those hiking spots that will never fail to be an option. It's a good workout, not that challenging, and the view on top is beautiful. Even if you are not hiking an intense mountain and are just “hiking” through the woods it gets your blood flowing and it keeps you outside. You get to enjoy the weather and social distance at the same time.

  3. 3. Farmers Markets

    Farmers Markets are one of my all-time favorite places. There are so many different ones just in this area alone, but you can find one almost anywhere. It’s nice to support small/local farmers/businesses, and it's a fun activity to do with your friends or even alone. Even if you are not spending any money, it's nice to get out and show your support just by showing up. Plus who doesn’t enjoy fresh fruits, you will almost always find some there!

  4. 4. Picnics

    Call it a cliche, but I love love love a good picnic. Sitting on a blanket in the grass with little sandwiches and a picnic basket is so cute. I keep seeing different TikTok friend groups going on picnics in floral dresses and eating cake out of wine glasses so of course, I told my friends that it is a must for this summer. Who wouldn’t want to frolic in a grassy field in a dress with friends? Not only can it be a fun date with friends, but it could also be a super romantic yet simple date with a significant other, or you could even go with family or alone!

  5. 5. Camping

    So my family has always been the type of family that goes camping every year and while I love my family and enjoy our time together camping, my favorite camping memory was with my friends. Last summer before the school year started my friends and I all went camping together. We went kayaking, some of us went hiking, some watched the sunrise, we laughed, and had such a great time I am hoping that we will go again this summer because it was honestly my favorite part of the summer. It is so simple, yet so much fun. Just spending time with friends and laughing by the fire. I highly recommend it, even if you have never been camping before I suggest going at least once in your life. You get to spend time outdoors and make the most of your spring/summer.

Obviously, this list is just a short amount of the activities that you can do in the spring/summer. The list goes on and on, but the moral of the story is that just because we are in a pandemic and it can be scary, it does not mean you cannot enjoy your free time. Spending time outdoors is so important for both your physical and mental health. So if you have free time and want to enjoy the sunshine hopefully this can help you!