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November has arrived and that means the cold season is coming to New York State very soon. One of the best things about this season (besides the holidays, the celebrations, or the festive atmosphere) is the opportunity to switch out of our bright and vibrant clothings and accessories to something that gives a cozy feeling of sweaters and hot cocoa. My personal favorite is those fall and winter nail trends that make your hands pop! Below are some of my suggestions of nail trends you should adapt to for the season.

1. Ombrè black and burgundy


Everything looks better with black and red.  It’s a combination of mystery, coolness, and sexiness. It’s my personal favorite nail trend. I asked for golden glitter on one nail to add some spice into the whole picture.

2. Dark-colored holographic nail

Holographic nail polish is the BOMB. You can never go wrong with that visual effect of shimmering color that changes with every turn. Bewitch them with dark and wild holographic nails. They can be as black or as ominous blue as the night skies, whichever your fancy. Just make sure it is holographic and even better, holographic GLITTER nail polish.

3. Nude color

Nude color nails are so flexible. They’re professional enough that you can wear them at your workplace, at the most important of board meetings. They’re pretty enough to wear to brunch with your girlfriends or on a big night out on the town. It’s a perfect match for any girl who wants to rock that natural look, but still subtly stand out from the crowd!

4. Metallic colors (metallic red, green, purple, grey, black, silver, golden)

Metallic nail polish is so trendy and never goes out of style! This season, get yourself some cool tone metallic nails that make people turn around and stare at your hands in awe! The color can be anything such as metallic red, green, purple, grey, black, or the classic silver, gold, or bronze.

5. 50 shades of RED

Too soon for this pic? I guess so, but it’s never too late to treat yourself to some fabulous and trendy nail art, with different shades of red. Red is a classic color with various shades to choose from. From orangey to true red to burgundy-you’ll want to try them all! It never hurts to pamper yourself with cute accessories like nail art.  You can also apply these nail trends throughout the year with no shame, because that’s just how gorgeous and beautiful they are!


I’m a sophomore at Utica College. My major is Health Studies-PT Track, minor in Gerontology. I enjoy cool breeze, beaches, and good books. I have a long list of things I like and a longer list of things I don't like.
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