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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utica chapter.

Whether you have Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Snapchat, social media is the most popular online tool a plethora of people use. Everybody that is on social media uses different tools to connect with people, stay in touch with friends, and let everybody know what they have been up to. However, there are things that happen through these online communication sources that aren’t so great, such as cyber bullying, data collecting, and people getting their social media accounts hacked. 

Here are some ways to stay safe on social media in order to keep out of trouble: 

  1. Never share your personal information such as your bank account, social security, or insurance because that is a way for people to steal your information or steal money from your bank account. 

  2. Do not tell people when you are going on vacation or when you are not going to be home. I had a friend who made a post on facebook that she was going out of state for a few weeks with her family. Her dad told her not to tell everybody that and she’s like “Oh don’t worry about it.” When her and her family comes back home from vacation, she notices that her house got robbed and someone stole her jewelry box. You would not want to end up in this situation. 

  3. Only meet people you have met in person. If you meet people online, there is a chance that they just want to collect your personal information, bully you, or harass you. 

  4. Do not take pictures of your car. There is a chance that when someone sees your car, your car could get towed or your car insurance payments can increase and you would be paying extra money that you probably would not want to do. 

  5. Be extra careful with what you share with your friends. All social media sites have different ways on how to share photos and videos with your friends. On Snapchat and Facebook, you have a lot of options for sharing posts such as for public, your friends, certain friends, or only for you to see. With Instagram and Twitter, all your friends can see your posts and you can’t pick certain people to see them. I would suggest that you think before you post. 

  6. Never give away your passwords because that is one way of someone hacking into your social media account. I have experienced a few friends that have mentioned that their account was hacked. One of my friends had their Facebook hacked and she posted on Facebook “If you get a recent message from me, do not open it because it was not me who sent it. My account was hacked.” The next time someone hacks any of your accounts, change your password right away, that way whoever hacked your account can no longer get into your account. 

  7. Be aware of who adds you on social media or sends you follow requests. I have experienced it mostly on Facebook where people’s accounts would get copied and the person’s name on the account is different from the person who created the Facebook account. One of my friends had someone copy their Facebook account with their pictures and information. She even posted on her actual Facebook “If you get a friend request from me, please do not accept it because it is someone else trying to be me!” She was freaking out the whole time she saw someone creating a Facebook of her that was not her. A few minutes later she comments on her post saying “Who would have the time to clone all of my pictures?” There have been posts going all over Facebook about accounts being copied and cloning pictures from people’s account. So if any of your friends send you a second friend request, you should think before you accept. Is it really them, or somebody else trying to be them? Some of my friends said they do not think about making a second Facebook account so never accept a second friend request from them if you get one, unless they tell you in person or on their actual account that they have created a second account. You would not want anyone you don’t know to see your personal information and pictures. 

These are some ways that everybody can prevent themselves from getting in trouble on social media. I hope everybody will do the things I have mentioned here in order to keep themselves safe. 


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