Snapchat Update or Snapchat Downgrade?

If you are one of the many people who uses Snapchat as one of your everyday forms of communication, then you are aware of the current issue that is sweeping the nation. Snapchat has recently updated their app which resulted in a drastic change in the appearance, design, and the overall abilities of the app. With that being said, the entire nation is in an uproar over the update with very negative feedback towards the recent change in the app. Here are some of the negative changed that the app introduced that the public isn’t generally fond of (and by fond, I mean we would rather go back to MySpace than use this new Snapchat.)

One of the new changes snapchat made was the ability to view stories. The older version of the app had a designated page you went to to view the stories for the day. This way, the stories and the snaps you received were kept separate for a better organization. Now, in order to view the stories, you have to go to the same page as the one to view your snaps. This is where it gets confusing because as your Snapchat friends post on their stories, they begin to pop up on your feed. This can get confusing because you start having people you haven’t spoken to in months popping up first and second when you open snapchat. Next thing you know you are accidentally sending a snapchat to your ex-boyfriend’s best friend’s sister that you haven’t seen since your junior prom.

Another big difference is that next to everyone’s names on snapchat, you can see their bitmoji. This can get confusing because if you are in a group, one of the bitmojis is the dominant one and is portrayed as the icon for the group. Now if you also snap that person specifically, you may accidentally send something in the group that was meant for one specific person. Now this can definitely cause an issue. One minute you think you are in a safe zone and sending a separate message to your best friend, only to realize that you accidentally sent an ugly selfie from the most unflattering angle to a group that includes not only your other friends, but your crush too. Hey, if he can’t accept you at your worst, he doesn’t deserve you at your best, am I right?

One of the only perks from this update seems to be the addition of Bitmoji Deluxe. This allows the user to take a picture of themselves and then the app will create a bitmoji based off of the features in the picture. This creates a much more authentic and realistic bitmoji. Instead of having the morphed cartoon that only looks like you if you close one eye, tilt your head to the side and turn off the lights, you are able to get essentially a little cartoon image of yourself that brings out all of your features, all the way down to the one dimple you have in your cheek.

With this Snapchat update taking the heat from the public over the drastic changes to the app, we are now sitting and waiting to see if the overall dislike of the changes will bring back the old snapchat. Twitter has been blowing up with angry tweets targeting the Snapchat company asking them to bring back the old design of the app. The Snapchat twitter page says that it will take some getting used to, just like any other update. Hopefully this adjustment happens sooner rather than later because I don’t know about you, but with my luck, the second I get used to this new update, the entire app will be renovated once again and I will have to go through the whole adjustment process all over again. But until then, let’s embrace the change and give it a shot, just be careful and double check who you’re snapping before you send it.