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You see

It’s been on my mind,

My home could be so different

At sea. 


At sea

That’s where I want to be

I can show you

Exactly what I see


Exactly what I see

Jellyfish swimming and sand in my hair

Seaweed floating and salt in the air

My feet are burnt but the sun doesn’t care

It just keeps shining and I can’t help but stare

The waves are slamming the beach coming up to my chair

But this feeling in my heart can only be described as rare. 

I feel so free. 


I feel so free

You see

Here at sea

I wanted to show you exactly what I see

Hi! :) I'm Carin! I am a psych major, I love lemonade, and my dog is my bff. I am passionate about writing, being kind, and manifesting love! Happy reading! xoxo
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