Ready For Your First Interview

So you have an interview and you’re not sure how to prepare. We’ve all been there and with every interview you get better. If it’s your first one and you’re looking for some direction on how to start preparing, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a list of five tips for an interview.

  1. Read the job description- Go into the interview with a complete understanding of what is expected of you. It’ll be normal to have questions but make sure that the questions you ask aren’t already explained in the layout of the job description.

  2. Practice- There are some basic questions that will be asked at every interview like the dreaded, tell me about yourself. Don’t make the mistake of oversharing. Concise your response to the most current and relevant information. By relevant I mean speak about things that pertain to the position you’re applying to.  

  3. Show up early- It is a given that you shouldn’t show up late to an interview, but showing up early gives a great first impression. Punctuality is a very important. Companies value employees that are on time and reliable

  4. Body language- It is normal for your nerves to be in high gear; try not to let them get the best of you! Keep the repetitive movement, like shaking your foot, to a minimum,or if you can, don’t do it at all. You want to give off the impression you are calm and collected, even if you're not.

  5. Don’t rush- Take a second to think about what the interviewer is asking you. Don’t try and cut them off because you think you know what they’re going to ask. Take a second after they finish the question to collect your thoughts. It may seem awkward but it's better to have a quality answer than to ramble. A helpful trick would be to try and prepare for questions that the interviewer may ask. There are many websites that can provide sample interview questions.

These are a few tips that I have found to be extremely helpful. Practice makes perfect so take the time to go over points that you think will be good to bring up in the interview. Many college campuses offer mock interviews. Those are great resources and allow constructive feedback.