My top 7 Fleetwood Mac songs that are NOT “Dreams”


Growing up, I was surrounded by the sounds of music. It is hard for me to remember a time in my life that music was not played in my household because it is always on. I never appreciated the music my dad played until my high school years and as I did, I found a love for classic rock. Everything from Pink Floyd, The Eagles, to Fleetwood Mac. I always knew the songs, but because my dad made me listen to it and not what I wanted to listen to I despised it. Luckily my opinions changed and as it did my love for Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks began. Everyone who knows me on a personal level knows how much I love Stevie, any time there is a Stevie or Fleetwood Mac meme on social media they ALWAYS tag me in it. I have posters of Stevie and the band hanging in my room, a Stevie sticker on my computer, records in a crate, and CDs throughout my car. Love is real. I was surprised when I saw that Fleetwood Mac’s song “Dreams” was on the charts again after a TikTok video went viral. At this point, I think everyone has seen the video of Nathan Apodaca skateboarding while drinking cranberry juice to dreams. Stevie, Mick Fleetwood, and Lindsey Buckingham contributed their dreams TikToks to the list since the video went viral, but ever since then Gen-Z has found a love for “Dreams.” 

So, TikTok leads you to the amazing world of Fleetwood Mac and the magic of “Dreams.” But, now what? Stop listening to “Dreams!” You do not have to give it up completely, but just hear me out. As a Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks stan, I am so frustrated! I love the song, but they have a ton of great songs that never receive the same amount of energy. If you love “Dreams” I guarantee you will love most of their songs. I tried to pick songs that are not widespread well known such as “Rhiannon,” “Go Your Own Way,” “The Chain,” etc. I am most certainly not a music critic or an expert, I just love Fleetwood Mac. With that being said, I have compiled a list of seven of my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs, and surprisingly Stevie does not sing all of them. Well…. I made it so she does not sing all of them. 

  1. 1. 7.) “Everywhere”

    Now, I wanted to make sure I included a Christine McVie song, which is very challenging for me to not pick all songs that Stevie sings. However, “Everywhere” is one of those songs that just give me a release in serotonin. It is a happy love song about wanting to be around your significant other every day and everywhere. It has a very dreamy vibe to it. It is written and sung by Christine McVie and was released on the band's album Tango In The Night in 1987. 

  2. 2. 6.) “Tango in the Night”

    For some reason this album is just one of my favorites, it is not their best work but there is just something that I love about it and I cannot put my finger on it. “Tango in the Night” is the fifth song on this album. It has a mysterious sound to it. It may sound weird, but I like to listen to this album during rain and thunderstorms. This song is written and sung by Lindsey Buckingham. There is a little guitar solo before the end of the song, but the vibes are immaculate. 

  3. 3. 5.) “Storms”

    I wanted to rate this song up higher on my list, but it is another Stevie song so I am trying to break them up. This song is beautiful. It is slow, it is haunting, and somber all at the same time. The lyrics “I have always been a storm” just resonate with me every time I hear them. The pain you feel while you listen to the song is chilling. It is on their album Tusk that was released in 1979. It was written and sung by Stevie Nicks, of course.

  4. 4. 4.) “Hypnotized”

    So, Fleetwood Mac has been a band since the ‘60s. Every song I have mentioned so far has been songs that were a part of the band after Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckham joined in 1975. This is when the band really started to take off, however, “Hypnotized” was written and sung by member Bob Welch on their 1973 album, Mystery to Me. The song has a mystical sound to it similar, but different from the mystical vibes in “Dreams.” 

  5. 5. 3.) “Crystal”

    Not being biased with another song written by Stevie Nicks, but “Crystal” is just one of the best. She does not sing this song, however, it is sung by Lindsey Buckingham. It is not necessarily a get-up and dance kind of song, but if you want a mellow vibe for the day “Crystal” makes the cut. It was originally released on Lindsey and Stevie’s solo album, Buckham Nicks, but ended up on Fleetwood Mac’s album Fleetwood Mac in 1975. Stevie also has a version of it of her singing on the Practical Magic soundtrack. It is a solid 10/10 song 

  6. 6. 2.) “Sara”

    This is by far one of my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs. It was written and sung by Stevie Nicks, and is also on the album Tusk. There are rumors of who this song is about, some say it is about Stevie’s unborn child, some say it is about her best friend Sara. There is also a song called “Welcome to the Room Sara” also written by Stevie which goes back to “Sara” that she wrote. So, I guess Stevie is the only one that could truly answer what the song is about. I love the lyrics “You’re the poet in my heart” that is found throughout the song. It has a happy beat to it, even if the lyrics are not necessarily happy. 

  7. 7. 1.) “Silver Springs”

    “Silver Springs” is a little song Stevie wrote that was supposed to be on their album Rumors released in 1977. However, it was cut from the album and released as a single. It is an incredibly beautiful song that has so much emotion behind it for only being a four-minute song. RollingStone magazine listed “Great Lost Breakup Anthem.” Most of the band’s greatest hits were breakup songs that Stevie and Lindsey Buckingham would write for each other. This was one of those cases, it just never made the original album cut which is a shame. If you are ever going through a breakup, streaming “Silver Springs” will make you feel invincible at the end.