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Many of my friends have asked me how I get my legs so smooth without any razor bumps or missing any spots while shaving. Often times, people get razor bumps from shaving. Sometimes people are even pretty embarrassed by it, but many people get them. If you have sensitive skin, definitely try to find some products that are for sensitive skin. My skin, however, isn’t very sensitive, so this is what I do. 


It is very important to not use the same razor for a long period of time. I typically switch up my razor after about 8-10 uses. I also use men’s razors instead of women’s. For some reason, I think they have a much sharper blade and they also have many more blades too. A nice trick to keeping your razor kind of brand new is to not keep it in the shower where it can keep getting wet. I keep mine on the edge of the shower, where the shower curtains are, with the razor head straight up. 


The secret is definitely all of the products I use, both while shaving and after. I exfoliate before and after I shave by using Tree Hut shea sugar scrub. I highly suggest the tropical mango scent, that’s my favorite. There are many steps that I do in order to get soft, non-razor bump legs. I use Aveeno shave gel and Johnson’s baby oil on my legs while shaving. I also like to moisturize after this a somewhat thick lotion like Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Lotion.  


Here are my steps to soft, non-razor bump legs: 

  1. Wet legs

  2. Exfoliate a little 

  3. Rinse 

  4. Rub Aveeno shave gel or Johnson’s baby oil all over one leg (I do one leg at a time until I am done shaving)

  5. Shave slowly, making sure you get every spot 

  6. Rinse

  7. Exfoliate a decent amount not to irritate your skin 

  8. Rinse 

  9. Pat dry

  10. Apply lotion 


So many steps, but I promise it will be worth it at the end. I have been doing this ever since high school and it has always worked for me. I never get razor bumps and I’m left with shiny, smooth legs! 




My name is Josie Sgarlata. I am a Junior at Utica College and I am on the Field Hockey team. My major is Public Relations!
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