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Misconceptions I Had About Sex Growing Up

I remember being in the fifth grade knowing about sex, but not remembering how I learned about it. To me, sex was like being in a “grown up people club” and I was desperate to know about it. I had a weird and deep interest about the topic, it was all I talked about with my friends during recess. When I was younger, I knew the vagina as the “garage” and the penis as the “limousine”. Also, that when there is a climax, some type of white liquid would come out from the penis and I expressed that as “oil”. I knew what sex looked like and the idea of that you only do it when you love someone dearly. As I got older, I started thinking harder and talking to kids older than me. I was shocked at the idea that they knew so much more about sex than me.

I will never forget the time I tried to impress the older kids on how much I thought I knew about sex. I told them as if I knew that “blow jobs” were when you would blow on the penis, like wind from your mouth was somehow arousing. Another misconception I had growing up was on oral sex. Growing up, I thought that was just simple more easier way to say dirty talk. The older kids laughed and called me a “freak”. I did not know at the time if this was a good or bad thing, but then they shared some of their juicy secrets about sex. This one girl in the sixth-grade told me that you cannot get pregnant if you have sex standing up. Also, a girl was to never ever masturbate because then she would go blind and need glasses. That was the start of a rumor that every girl who wore glasses masturbated. My favorite misconceptions of all were that men can only have two kids because they had two testicles, and that if you had sex before the age of 30 you were going to die.

Clearly all of these “facts” were misconceptions but it sure did make my middle school years a whole lot more interesting.

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