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We are all constantly checking our bank accounts on our phones, making sure we have enough money to buy the things we like. Sometimes it feels like money just disappears without us even knowing how, but you just need the right tips and tricks to save money.


Don’t buy textbooks at the bookstore- After paying for tuition, room and board, and additional fees the college adds on, the last thing any of us want to do is pay almost $200 for a textbook. Before panicking and contemplating whether you should drop out of college or not just look elsewhere. Look on Chegg, Amazon, Thrift Book, etc for the book you need. Nine out of ten times the book you need will be cheaper in other places than in the bookstore. You should definitely take the time to search around. 


Go to the dining hall- I can’t stress enough how much the dining hall will help you save money. There is always something there you can eat even if it is just a sandwich. Going out to get fast good every night when the dining hall is open will kill your wallet so much. The dining hall is always open for us and we need to take advantage and go. There are always people that have something to say about the dining hall, but there is always something there that you can eat no matter how picky you are.


Buy things in bulk- Going to Walmart every week can start to get pricey when you look back at all the times you went. Try going to BJ’s or places where they sell things in bulk because in that way you are paying less for more. You might feel at first that you are paying more money when you get to the register, but the items you buy will last you longer than a week or two possible which saves you money in the long run. 


Pregame at home- I know most of us college students go to the bar on the weekends. Buying drinks in college bars could get really expensive and but a huge dent into your bank account. Before going to the bar drink what you have at home and then just have maybe one or two drinks at the bar. Just remember if you drink before going out to make sure you have a ride to and from where you’re going. 


Use coupons- You might think coupons are weird and make you look broke, but they do save you a lot of money. Look at the flyers that places have and maybe shop from there instead of buying the most expensive things at the store. Saving money is only helping you it can’t hurt. 


Budget, budget, budget- Have a budget on how much a week you can spend and DO NOT go over that amount of money. If you have to say no to going out with your friends for dinner then say no. Sometimes saying no is better then going and spending money you don’t have. You’re friends will understand and maybe your friends will budget with you. Avoid impulse buys at the mall, trust me we all get them, but the strongest people will be able to avoid them. 






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