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The Hope House Gives Hope to Those in Need

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utica chapter.

Living or going to college in Utica, NY, it is not uncommon to see individuals who are homeless throughout the year. These individuals asking for help, or asking for change (panhandling) has become such an issue for the City of Utica, that signs have been put up to discourage residents from giving away their spare change. These signs encourage people to instead give their money to charities in need, not to those asking for it. It has become known, of course, that some ask for money, and hold signs when they truly aren’t homeless. The question becomes, what about those who truly do want and need the help they are asking for and truly have nowhere to live? 

This brings me to discuss an organization we have right here in Utica, NY called the “Hope House”. Those who are struggling to meet their needs, both physically and mentally, are starving, and may be homeless can go here to get help. They can also find the help they need to get a start on a path that leads to a healthy and positive life. Not only does the Hope House feed those in need hot meals, they go one step further by giving out toiletry bags. These bags usually contain items like soap, deodorant, toothpaste and a toothbrush. Not only does this increase their cleanliness, but it boosts their feeling of self worth. The feeling of worthiness and confidence increases one’s self motivation, happiness, and overall health.

Furthermore, when individuals who are struggling to meet their basic needs of food, water, and shelter, the Hope House takes care of it for them, that way they are then able to work on themselves. The Hope House can be the platform they need to make changes both mentally and physically to give them that boost towards living their life to its fullest. 


•Not quite sure what I want to do when I “grow up” yet, but I’m enjoying the road to that destination. I know I want to help others in whatever career I choose. Whether that be in the psychology field, nutrition or fitness field , I know what I’m passionate about just on a quest to find what fits that mold for me. •My voice being heard and hearing the voices of others is something very important to me. •Being outdoors and enjoying all seasons is my go to.
Meet Bianca, I am currently a Junior at Utica College in Utica, NY.  I am a Criminal Justice major with a concentration in Homeland Security.  Crime investigation has always been something that interests me.  I’m dedicated and passionate and it’s hard for me to quit things. I get that from my father so don’t hold it against me- he was a veteran and police officer for 20 years.   Growing up in a family centered around law enforcement has helped guide me in this direction, and I will forever be grateful.  After graduation I intend to continue on to law school where I can further my education in hopes of becoming a criminal defense lawyer and later on a District Attorney.  An interesting fact about myself is that I found the passion to be a criminal defense lawyer from watching the O.J. Simpson case.  The facts and conspiracy theories evoked a whole new passion behind criminal investigation that I intend to use in my future.  One of my most prominent moments in my writing career was when I wrote for an online magazine and had my most prevalent article hit 1.6k shares.  I believe in treating people with the same kind of respect and manners you would expect in return, and in a way it has helped shaped my expectations in life.   When you first meet me I won’t be the loudest in the room or the center of attention, but I will be intently listening to everything you say, for what you have to say may have a purpose. I believe in purpose. I believe that everyone is here to help you grow into who you are today and who you will be tomorrow.