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Something that I’ve noticed about myself is that I have a hard time getting into a routine of consistently doing something. I’m very sporadic when I pick up things that I’m gonna incorporate into my routine. Something I’ve been trying to do is slowly making the things I would do on a daily basis a part of a bigger routine I want to eventually add on.


So for example every single day I have class at 10 AM, so I’ve been trying to start my days at least an hour to two hours before my class starts so I have time to myself which helps me jumpstart my routine and makes me feel organized and more motivated to make the day less lazy. 


I put a post on my wall that has literally the basics of what I already do every day, which are showering, brushing my teeth, making my bed, taking my vitamins, and putting my retainer in. Those are some of the simplest things but there are days where I can forget to brush my teeth both times during the day or forget to take a shower because I let other things get in the way or lay around all day. 


Now I’m pretty serious about my showers haha, especially because of this whole pandemic, whenever I get back into my room I like to shower and put on a fresh pair of clothes or pajamas. But putting my retainer in every night, and making sure I take vitamins daily are two things that I slip up on but I’ve been trying to hold myself more accountable for them because they are things that are very beneficial for me.


Just a tiny silly list of basic things has already helped me create a structure for my day, so when I want to add harder things that I need more discipline or motivation for like working out, or cleaning, or cooking it’s not as hard. While I chose to live in my apartment on campus, I decided that I wanted to take all of my classes remotely. So, I didn’t just want to spend every day lazy even if I’m in pajamas all day. so waking up two or even three hours before class to have downtime, watch my show, just getting ready for my day really helps. 


I noticed that when I make my bed even if it’s not all perfect throughout the day I’m not as eager to get under my sheets and just be lazy, if I need to lay down I’ll lay on top of it and take a break but having structure while I’m already in such a relaxed setting has definitely benefited me even if there are times where I slip up and I’m not always being productive or getting as much as I’d like to do. 


All of this being said, if you’re somebody like me or even if you’re not I just want to give it a try I really think implementing some sort of routine into your daily life or just acknowledging the things that you do on a daily basis can help you feel more productive and structured and potentially help you get more things done!

Hey everyone, my name is Cristina. I'm a Senior here at Utica College!
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