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Mental Health

Good Health Means Wealth

Having a self- care day is very important. Self care is something that is necessary for people to do to promote some type of inner-self happiness. It is not something that should be ignored or pushed to the side. If you have not given much thought about yourself, this is the perfect time to sit back and evaluate what you have done this week to promote self care and take some time for yourself. Self care comes in many different forms. There is physical health care where you perform more moving such as swimming, dancing, eating healthy, exercising, and getting enough sleep. Then there’s psychological self care, and this one is more about self reflecting, not necessarily physical. Emotional self care is my favorite, it deals with finding ways to love yourself, be surrounded by people who genuinely are there for you, praising yourself, and even allowing yourself to cry. Spiritual self care is another way to reflect on yourself, finding ways to stay inspired, and be open to the ideas of not knowing. Last but not least, we all need a balance.

If you’re interested in how to promote your self care, here’s a couple of things to look at and ask yourself how often are you performing them. If not often, then you definitely should!

Physical Self-Care

  1. Am I exercising?

  2. Am I taking time off when needed?

  3. When was the last time I went on a real vacation?

  4. Am I doing enough physical activities I like ; Singing, Dancing, playing sports, running etc.?

Psychological Self care

  1. Am I writing in a journal/ letting my feelings out somewhere?

  2. Read literature

  3. Decrease stress in your life

  4. Are you having your own type of personal psychotherapy?

  5. Saying “no” to certain things that make you feel uncomfortable

  6. Listening to your own thoughts, beliefs, or judgments

Emotional Self- Care

  1. Allow yourself to cry

  2. Spend time with others whose company you enjoy


  4. Find things that make you laugh

  5. Stay in contact with important people in your life

Spiritual Self Care

  1. Be open to inspiration

  2. Cherish your optimism and hopes

  3. Spend time with nature

  4. Make time for reflections


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