Fun on Valentine’s Day


Whenever the month of February comes, we can think of Valentine’s Day that happens on the 14th every year. This is the day in which people love and support their friends and families. Some of the things that are fun on Valentine’s Day are giving cards to friends and family, and also eating special Valentine’s Day candy. 


I have had some fun Valentine’s Day moments in school: 


  • When it comes to Valentine cards, I remember from kindergarten to high school senior year I would give my friends and teachers Valentine’s Day cards. In elementary school, all of my teachers had all of us give everybody in the class a Valentine card. 

  • One thing from middle school is one of the clubs would have a carnation sale. For this, we could purchase as many carnations as we want to give to our friends our family. I remember purchasing some for my friends and teachers. 

  • When it came to senior year in high school, we would have this fun game on Valentine’s Day where all of us senior girls would get a pink heart with our name on it. Once we got it, we had to try our best to not talk to a senior boy on Valentine’s day during school hours. If a senior girl talks to a senior boy, the girl must give the boy their heart. Any senior girl who kept their senior heart didn’t talk to a senior boy, would get a special prize to pick up in the main office. The senior boy who got the most hearts would get a special gift card. I’m thankful for keeping my heart from that day and winning candy for it. 


Not only are you able to have fun on Valentine’s Day at home with family, sometimes you can have some fun games and gifts at school. I feel like all teachers and students would appreciate it whenever they get Valentine’s cards from somebody.