Fruity Drinks

Drink Recipes!


As a college student, we all enjoy a night out. Although alcohol isn’t needed to have fun, it sure helps! Here are some of my favorite drink recipes. 

  1. 1. Icy Pink Lemonade

    Put this all into your *shaker*: Combine a scoop of ice, 1 and a half shots of Pink Whitney, 1 shot of Triple Sec, 1 a shot of cranberry juice, half a shot of lemon juice. Then shake and strain. Lastly, top with Smirnoff Ice!

  2. 2. Vodka Cran- A College Staple

    Literally just put this in a solo cup: 2 shots of vodka and top with cranberry juice!

  3. 3. Spiked Cherry Limeade- Refreshing Summer Drink

    Put this in your cup of choice! 1 and a half shots of vodka, 3 shots of limeade, and a splash of grenadine.

  4. 4. Long Island Iced Tea- Knock You Out

    In your shaker: Combine Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Rum, Triple Sec Sour Mix, and then shake it up! Fill your cup with a splash of coke, then strain into your cup.

  5. 5. Lemon Drop

    In your cup of choice add 2 shots of vodka, half a shot of triple sec, and 1 shot of lemon juice. This one can also be made as a shot!

  6. 6. Rum and Coke

    Come on, you know what it is, another college staple! Add 2 shots of rum and a splash of coke in a cup with ice!

  7. 7. Dirty Shirley

    In a cup of your choice add sprite, grenadine, and as much vodka as you desire!

  8. 8. Vodka Soda/ Vodka Tonic

    2 shots of vodka

    Splash of either soda or tonic water

    In your glass top it off with a lime, lemon, or orange

  9. 9. The screwdriver- The hair of the dog as they say

    The morning after drinking, why not keep in going at brunch!


    Orange Juice

    Or my personal favorite...

  10. 10. Mimosas

    Orange Juice 


  11. 11. The Blue Lagoon

    2 shots of vodka

    1 shot of blue curacao

    Top with lemonade

    Garnish with a lemon wedge


These are some of my favorites and I hope you guys get the chance to try them! Happy SAFE drinking!