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When you think of the Red Cross, the first thing that comes to most people’s minds, including myself is blood donations. Obviously blood donations are a HUGE part of the organization, and they do an excellent job at it. I interned in the communications department at the Red Cross this summer and experienced first-hand all the good they do. The Red Cross’s main functions are split into four areas: blood collection, disaster relief, aid to soldiers and victims of war, and community education and outreach. There are truly some wonderful people helping out in each and every branch.

The Red Cross collects and maintains about half of the United States blood supply from roughly 4 million donors. In 2001, this amounted to more than 7 million units of blood. Americans require about 39,000 units of blood every day because of accidents, surgery, illness or disease. The blood is used by all of the nation’s hospitals as well as the United States military. I donated for the first time this summer and it was an experience for sure, but I am glad I did. Just one pint of blood that I donated was used to save up to three people’s lives. I was very anxious beforehand, but the volunteers were so comforting and made it an enjoyable process.  Most Red Cross employees, paid or volunteer will be deployed at some point when disaster strikes. These people assist with whatever needs to be done in the disaster-stricken area. When the Red Cross arrives at the scene of a disaster, the first priority is to provide food, water, shelter and medical services. Medical services include first aid as well as a treatment for certain ongoing conditions. For example, someone who needs dialysis or diabetes medication can get help from the Red Cross during a disaster. The Red Cross also provides mental health counseling to disaster victims, volunteers, and rescuers. Mental health assistance is vital because anyone involved in a disaster sees and experiences things far beyond their normal lives, and it can be very difficult to deal with these experiences. The Red Cross has specially trained personnel with experience in disaster counseling.

    The Red Cross impacts communities across the U.S. with its health and safety education programs. Through babysitter training courses, lifeguard training, CPR training and certification, and HIV/AIDS education, they give people the tools to become lifesavers themselves. In addition, the Red Cross offers Workplace Training Courses in a variety of health and safety areas. Local Red Cross chapters provide a wide range of humanitarian services, including food pantries, senior services, community service programs, homeless shelters, and youth groups.

    In conclusion, The Red Cross is a wonderful organization that does so much good for so many people from different walks of life. Anyone and any community who needs help are given it, which is how the world should be. They are very quick to respond with so much passion and support for the time when these victims need it the most. Next time you get the chance, please consider donating money or your time to your local Red Cross chapter.


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Meet Bianca, I am currently a Junior at Utica College in Utica, NY.  I am a Criminal Justice major with a concentration in Homeland Security.  Crime investigation has always been something that interests me.  I’m dedicated and passionate and it’s hard for me to quit things. I get that from my father so don’t hold it against me- he was a veteran and police officer for 20 years.   Growing up in a family centered around law enforcement has helped guide me in this direction, and I will forever be grateful.  After graduation I intend to continue on to law school where I can further my education in hopes of becoming a criminal defense lawyer and later on a District Attorney.  An interesting fact about myself is that I found the passion to be a criminal defense lawyer from watching the O.J. Simpson case.  The facts and conspiracy theories evoked a whole new passion behind criminal investigation that I intend to use in my future.  One of my most prominent moments in my writing career was when I wrote for an online magazine and had my most prevalent article hit 1.6k shares.  I believe in treating people with the same kind of respect and manners you would expect in return, and in a way it has helped shaped my expectations in life.   When you first meet me I won’t be the loudest in the room or the center of attention, but I will be intently listening to everything you say, for what you have to say may have a purpose. I believe in purpose. I believe that everyone is here to help you grow into who you are today and who you will be tomorrow.