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5 Natural Products You Can Put In Your Beauty Routine Today


Ever since I was a little girl I've had sensitive skin. This led to my mother and myself spending a lot of money on organic and natural products for my hair and skin! Eventually, we started finding homemade remedies for a h*ll of a lot cheaper than the sensitive skin products that are sold in the stores! To save you all some money, here are 5 of those affordable remedies!


When you mix together coconut oil, aloe vera, tea tree oil, lavender oil, and a little bit of sunscreen you can make a homemade moisturizer good for all skin types! Every base starts with about one tablespoon of sunscreen (I recommend either Burt's bees, cerva, or Murad). For oilier skin, I recommend doing two parts aloe vera one part coconut oil and for drier skin types- two parts of coconut oil! Then add as much tea tree oil and/or lavender oil to your liking! BAM! You have a natural moisturizer that feels great on your skin!

Hair growth treatment

Like most girls I always have wanted my hair longer and thinker. Mixing a little bit of castor oil with about a quarter-sized amount of aloe vera will have your hair growing healthier, longer, and faster than ever before. This can also be used on eyelashes and eyebrows too! 

Shaving cream

This is extremely simple AND there is no need for lotion after shaving! By using coconut oil as a substitution for shaving cream you end up with the softest shave ever with little to no razor bumps!

Hair gel

My freshman year roommate showed me this life-changing trick (shoutout to writer Corinne Murphy!) A great swap for hair gel is aloe vera. Pro-tip: this will work great for getting your baby hairs down for a sleek updo!

Bug bite relief

This may burn a bit if you have scratched the bug bite raw already, but lavender oil is a great natural anti-itch hack. This can work for rashes and hives too!



At the end of the day, most of these swaps are a lot cheaper than store-bought options. They are also a lot better for you in comparison to their chemical counterparts!

Hello everyone, My name is Emily and I am a psych major at Utica College. I am a sister of Theta Phi Alpha and love to volunteer and do community service. I love music and I care a lot about mental health. Spreading kindness is a big thing of mine, but all vibes are welcome. I am here and open to talk to anyone if you ever need, do not hesitate to dm me on instagram- @emily.mullinax Happy reading!
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