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5 Curly Hair Products That are Seriously Slept on… Like Seriously…


Every curly girl has products and methods that they swear by, whether it be a tee shirt plop or hair oiling for moisture retention, or co-washing, but many of us follow the curly girl method because let's face it when that came out it was a LIFESAVER, am I right? These are my top 5 curly hair products that are seriously slept on, like seriously they are so underrated. Disclaimer: My curl pattern is somewhere between 3A and 3B and this is what works for me, but every curly girl is different, and if you try these products and love them, AWESOME!!!

Quidad “vitalcurl + define & shine styling gel-cream”

This stuff is amazing!! I stumbled upon this product by accident, but it is my new fave!! It leaves my hair feeling good without drying it out and doesn't leave your hair with that gel look (you know what I'm talking about).

Miss Jessie's Soft Jelly Curl Gel

If you are like me, you don't like the way hard crunchy gel looks OR feels in your hair... well this stuff is a game changer! OMG!! I've been using this stuff from the beginning and I have never found a product I like better. This gel leaves my curls soft and bouncy without the harsh, hard look that most hair gels give. 

Quidad “Play curl; amplifying foam”

When Quidad says they are the curl experts they really mean it! I use this after my gel right before I plop my hair in a cotton t-shirt and my curls have never been so happy. This product is so lightweight you won't even know its in. 

Garnier Fructis “curl shape defining spray gel”

 I know, I know I just said I don't like hard gels, but hear me out. Once I finish drying my hair there are some pieces that are a little frizzy or just didn't curl the way I wanted, right. So I take this gel and use it to lightly fix the frizzies and finger twist the wonky curls into much nicer curls and it helps everything stay nice and neat throughout the day. 

The raw sugar mighty curl masque

Seriously you guys, if there was ever a product I ever said to get, and you won't regret it, its this one. It's only $10 or $11 and I use it almost every day, it lasts me about 6 weeks and sometimes even more!! I use this like co-washing and on days I actually wash my hair I use a little bit after I shampoo and condition. This product is also so hydrating and smells amazing!! 

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