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Why You Should Learn More About Religion?

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UTD chapter.

Growing up, we might not connect with religion. In some cases, we were forced to
go to church or the temple. However, finding religion in ourselves is a significant
step in becoming a better person for our inner being. Everyone has different
opinions, but religion has impacted mental health for the better. Due to the morals
of Buddhism, the processes evolve through stress reduction and

I was raised as an atheist, and I can say that not having a religion definitely made
me feel like I had no structure… With no traditions or no cultural values, it held
me back as a person. Spreading the word of faith is extremely important in today’s
society because we are not taught it always. Generally, people who are atheists
tend to come from a more difficult background. Since they grew up in a that was
always negative, they can’t assume that there is something good world where it
was always negative, they can’t assume that there is something good on the

However, having faith will lead you to become a more hopeful and passionate
type of individual. For me, opening my eyes to more viewpoints led me to
find something I am devoted to! Christianity! Believing in God is really
tricky, but there is nothing wrong that can come out of it. I struggled with
having faith for a while, but as we get older, we understand that there is more
than just surface principles. Guiding towards the real world is not the right
way to go, as their morals are based on greed, selfishness, hate, jealousy, and

As I grew more into becoming a Christian, I realized I had become a more
self-aware and pure individual. I have a lot of faith in myself now, and I see
the world as a different view, which is bittersweet. Sometimes, getting into
religion might make you more empathetic, but in the end, we want to grow a
radiant society that loves one another. We want a society that spreads wisdominstead of hate. Instead of pushing away from religion, let’s learn more about
it day by day.

Hi everyone:) My name is Sakshi Nair and I am a junior at the University of Texas at Dallas. Currently, my major is neuroscience and I am on the pre-med track. I am learning Japanese at the moment, and I love reading manga!!