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George’s Coffee and Provisions

A small, intimate, and homey spot with freshly made great coffee and an incredible variety ofpastries. Service is amazing and a cozy study spot as well, or just an incredible place to catch up with friends and loved ones over great treats and snacks.

Cuppa’s Espresso Bar

A coffee shop inside a church with large halls, which means many sitting options as well. Thevibe is very cozy and family friendly and great for studying. A wonderful spot to chill and child friendly as they have a playground right outside the building.


A small quiet study spot with gourmet pastries and overall has a very eclectic feel. The pastriesand treats are delicious and they are a hybrid inspired by both Asian and French cuisine. A lot of light and a very calming ambience.

Sayfani Yemeni Coffee House

A brand new spot in Coppell, TX and already very popular. Great traditional freshly made coffeeand a wonderful spot to catch up with loved ones. Every time a visit is paid, the customer leaves happy and energized, but not just because of the coffee.


A great location on the side of a major road and has classic coffee options and delectable treats.A good spot to visit during the day for brunch or a casual cup of coffee.

Funny Library Coffee

A very fancy and extravagant spot for a fun and otherworldly coffee adventure. A great studyspot but can also be a day for exploring. Wonderful place to capture memories and they have amazing coffee and treats to share.

Peace Middle Eastern Coffee

A great place with freshly made coffee and a variety of mocktails. Service is amazing and has agreat ambience. This place is definitely a fan favorite for any local or tourist, and for any occasion.

My name is Veera Gollapalli. I am a writer who mainly focuses on topics relating to the South Asian community, among many other social issues. I am a student at UT Dallas pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing. I am a proud native Telugu speaker and strive to learn how to read and write Telugu better. I started writing a very long time ago and have loved it forever. It is the best medium to communicate anything through, as it can be the easiest to understand most times. I strive to bring together communities and make sure that the divisions the world has endured to date will be stopped. The future for me is filled with even more writing and film directing in Hollywood and Tollywood. Besides writing, I love traveling, cooking, singing, and making jewelry. I am very passionate about mental health, especially within the South Asian community. I am also deeply passionate about achieving equity amongst marginalized communities. I care very much about helping youth pursue the arts professionally and not be stuck in a cycle of a day job they do not enjoy.