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Building Bonds And Scoring Goals: The UTD Women’s Club Soccer Team’s Journey To Success

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The world of club sports isn’t just about the game; it’s the people who play it. Here on campus, the UTD Women’s Club Soccer Team provides a testament to perseverance, passion, and the power of teamwork. In a recent interview, Ana and Hailey shared their journey, experiences, and the invaluable life lessons they have gained as student-athletes.

Ana Bonilla, a junior majoring in Business Administration, found solace in soccer at the age of four. Her love for the sport remained, shaping her youth through club soccer and school matches. Hailey Reich, a junior majoring in Computer Science, grew up in a soccer-loving family. Despite initially considering quitting after high school, her passion prevailed, prompting her to join the soccer team in her freshman year.

Beyond the Field: Aspirations and Leadership

When asked about their plans beyond collegiate soccer, Hailey shared her simple yet profound desire to continue playing, emphasizing the importance of having fun above all. Hailey even added that she “hopes the club is still a club.” Ana echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that soccer would continue to be an integral part of her life, serving as a stress reliever. Furthermore, she mentioned her job as a referee as a source of stability. For them, soccer is more than just a game; it’s an integral part of their life. According to Ana, she “cannot imagine life without it [soccer].”

Their leadership is remarkable. Hailey highlighted that leadership is more than just a role; it is about empowerment and reliability. Ana further emphasized the importance of learning from one’s own mistakes, mentioning that the team relies on their experiences and expertise. Moreover, as a leader, they believe that many people rely on you. Therefore, you must be confident and set goals.

Academics and Athletics: Finding the Balance

Being a student and athlete requires a unique set of skills, especially precise time management skills. Ana and Hailey attested to the challenges of balancing academics and athletics. However, the team has always proven to be an integral support system, aiding in both personal achievements and academic growth. Ana stressed the importance of prioritizing soccer and schoolwork based on the given situation, ensuring that neither one suffers. Nonetheless, she admits that she often prioritizes soccer. On the other hand, Hailey’s love for staying busy has allowed her to develop time management skills.

Friendship and Camaraderie: The Glue of the Team

The UTD Women’s Club Soccer Team, although smaller than other club sports, thrives on the merits of its strong connections. For Hailey and Ana, the team represents more than just a group of athletes; it’s a family. The smaller size proves to be an advantage, fostering connections that extend beyond the field. Shared meals, birthday celebrations, and study skills sustain the bond they consider as a community. The cornerstone of their success, however, is one thing: trust.

Hailey emphasized the significance of being accessible outside of soccer and making sincere efforts to comprehend one another. Ana shared how a teammate’s simple effort during her early stages opened her heart. This sincere action caused her to care more than she initially anticipated. Essentially, shared experiences, regardless of victory or defeat, solidify friendships and forge a formidable team.

In the midst of college life, the UTD Women’s Club Soccer Team demonstrates a stellar example of teamwork, dedication, and shared aspirations. Through the eyes of Ana Bonilla and Hailey Reich, their journey proves to be a testament to aspiring student-athletes, reminding everyone that success is not simply a by-product of talent, but also one that is composed of trust, camaraderie, and an unshakeable passion for the game.

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