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Let’s be honest… who doesn’t spend at least a few useless hours toodling about on the internet, mindlessly watching videos? Sadly, after finding out what you like, the YouTube algorithm may only show you stale videos that you don’t need in your life. Spice up your content by watching a few of these creators. Who knows, you may end up subscribing!

1. Life of Boris

Do you like mysterious Slavic men? Do you love squatting like a Gopnik? Do you crave mayonnaise and semechki? Well, even if you don’t (which is most of the world’s population), then this YouTuber is still for you. Boris wants to educate the world on all things slav, and will teach you how to make delicious Russian foods, trick out your car, play video games, and (of course) play with his adorable cat Artyom. He may seem strange, but his humor is contagious.

2. Foil Arms and Hog

This Irish comedy group will astound you with their accents and witty humor. From joking about everything from grandparents, Catholicism, and American stereotypes, these guys will get you in tears. Their videos are short enough to fit into a quick break in your day, and will certainly brighten up your world. 

3. 2 Set Violin

These guys will be especially funny if you play an instrument, but it’s not required for their humor. Eddy and Brett poke fun at famous composers and musicians, do hilariously funny challenges, and rate videos of other musicians. These guys are not only brilliantly talented but are super cute and uplifting. 

4. The Try Guys 

Chances are that if you haven’t been living under a rock you’ve probably seen a Try Guys video. These guys (dubbed by JacksFilms as “America’s Dads”) will try everything from baking pie without a recipe to driving while sleep-deprived for the sake of science. You may recognize these guys from their BuzzFeed pasts, but their new channel adds more and more fun content than ever before. 

5. Squirmy and GrubsShan, who has spinal muscular atrophy, and his able-bodied girlfriend, Hannah, document daily difficulties in life with humor and sarcasm. This couple will give you hope for mankind, and Shane’s comebacks will certainly crack you up. Watch Shane and Hannah go to Harry Potter World, cook, and generally be cute. 


Although many of these content creators are for very niche markets, I’m sure you’ll find a video or two to spice up your YouTube life. While the internet can be time-sucking, it is nice to be able to take a break from your day and uplift yourself. It’s very easy to go down the YouTube wormhole and watch conspiracy videos, but why not have a quick laugh instead? Confuse the YouTube algorithm and your recommended section by trying out a new channel or two. 

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