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You Don’t Want To Live The Life Of The Party Addict

Monday  – go to the bar after work to have a drink

Tuesday – either go to the hookah lounge or start getting the tequila Tuesday goin’ on

Wednesday  – go back to the bar for more after-work drinks

Thursday – thirsty Thursday’s are starting either at the bars or club

Friday & Saturday  – honestly, don’t ask me. I probably don’t know where I am at the moment 

Sunday – prepare for another fun-filled week at the club 

Take a look at that weekly agenda. You’re probably thinking, ‘Damn, who has this much energy to go out and party every single night?‘ Well, the answer to your question is me

Growing up, I’ve always been up for having a good time. From drinking and smoking at various houses to poppin’ bottles at the club, I’ve always craved those nights. The nights where you get to let loose and say “F**k you” to all your worries that stress you out every day. It’s a fun time. You feel amazing. You feel like you can take over the world. Trust me, this feeling is fantastic. However, when you ride the ride for quite some time, as much as it can affect you positively, the negatives definitely get to you. 

With all those late nights, one aspect you lose in your life is sleep, and that is one of the most important factors to survival in life. Take me, for example. Whenever I’d be out on the town during those late nights, whether it was back home in LA in the Beverly Hills and Hollywood, or even just up on Main Street in Park City, I found myself waking up late in the afternoon, making me lose motivation for the daily responsibilities I had to encounter during the day. Another thing I noticed within my partying self was all the weight I had been loosing, and it wasn’t in a safe way. Yes, I do work out almost every day in every possible way I can (gym, skiing, hiking, etc.), but I knew about the amount of partying I was consuming on an almost-daily basis. My loss of sleep, appetite, sanity, all went within a six-month period, and it started to get scary. However, that wasn’t the wake-up call for me, telling me I had to stop. 

The most important aspect I noticed was that I started to lose touch with the people that meant the most to me. My best friends who didn’t party, my schoolwork, even my own parents. I only paid attention to the people who wanted to go out and have a good time with me. For example, I still live with my mom so the nights I would leave the condo at midnight to go out with my friends, I would see and feel the concerned face and voice she would give me. I would always ignore it, but in the long-run, it was ruining my relationship with her. Not even just her, but the loved ones in my life. That’s not even the worst part. I started to lose touch with myself and who I even was. There were times where I would wake up and not even know where I was, hence not even remember what happened the night before. Hell, there were even times where I didn’t even know who I was. Losing touch with myself was the biggest wake-up call telling me I needed to calm down and stop. 

The party lifestyle may feel like heaven, believe me, but the consequences in the long-run are miserable. When you can’t find your boundary lines of wild partying and responsibilities, that’s where the party addiction turns bad. You don’t want to turn into that girl who has clubbing, drinking, drugs, sex, and partying in general on her mind 24/7, where it gets to the point where she loses in touch with reality. Because that girl was me.

Right now, I’m starting to create that balance between having fun and getting my shit together. No more oversleeping for my classes, no more procrastinating on my duties, no more losing in touch. My life is more precious than alcohol and drugs. This topic is very taboo to talk about, as alcohol, drugs, and sex are looked down upon, but experiences are extremely important to discuss. I’m not saying I’m quitting the party life, because I’m young and need to live, but it’s extremely important to create that balance of being able to have fun while kicking ass during your daily work.

Take my advice I’m telling myself and you’ll be the badass b**ch you’ve always wanted to be.  

Grew up in the ocean of LA and in the mountains of Park City. I have the biggest passion for writing music... and also skiing. I was on the Dr. Phil show. Not for my problems, just for reacting to someone's discipline problems. I'm obsessed with shopping, Starbucks, Rap, EDM, and binge watching of Criminal Minds.  Follow me on the gram: @sophia_hella
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