You Can Do Yoga With Baby Goats...Yes, Really

Settling into the school year can be harder than you think, especially when combined with winter blues, and often brings stress and anxiety to the surface. Keeping up with self care and mental health is so important, even though it often falls low on our priority lists. When I can find a few moments for myself, I like to step away from my responsibilities, roll out my mat, and flow.

Yoga has long been a source of relaxation and stress relief, and now you can enjoy that same zen feeling while cute, mildly irritating, baby goats bounce off you! Goats have actually been used as therapy animals, and make great companions to anyone wishing to share their home with an energetic, and sometimes noisy animal. A few up and coming yoga studios have taken note of this, and decided to combine the two!

There are two studios/farms that offer Goat Yoga in Utah, one is in Orem and the other is a bit farther in Clearfield. Both studios focus on bringing the peacefulness of yoga and the quirkiness of goats together to offer one unique experience.

Based in Orem, GOGA LLC is a branch of the national organization Goat Yoga. Bringing Animal-Assisted therapy to SLC, they offer both regular classes and private events, so if you’re trying to plan the perfect birthday, look no further.

Goat Yoga Utah on The Farm is a fun outdoor studio based in Clearfield, Utah. They have a variety of goats with all sorts of personalities and sizes (seriously some of these goats are like cat size yo) and strive to make their classes unforgettable.


Both of these studios are in the off season, but with Spring fast approaching they are gearing up for another incredible year, so goat ready!  (I had to).






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Goat Yoga on the Farm