Yes, There Really is Something in Oregon For Everyone (Yes, Everyone)

Spring is among us and summer is just around the corner. Road trip season is in full swing! Picture this: You’re driving through a long stretch of road that cuts through unfamiliar scenery .The windows are down, fresh cool air blows through the car as your favorite music creates a steady bop of your head and a rhythmic tap of your fingertips across the steering wheel. Adventure is across the horizon. The only question is which state out of 50 are you going to choose as your destination? I have the answer for you. Oregon. Oregon is the perfect state to explore during a road trip no matter what you’re interested in, because there is something for everyone there. The entire state is more diverse in opportunities than any other state you can think of. I don’t care what type of vacation you’re interested in planning, the answer for your trip is Oregon.


For the Hipsters

Portland is the city where all walks of life are able to live together and create a unique sense of weird in the most positive way possible. If you don’t know what I mean, Portlandia might be a fun comedy to catch up on. This city is a mix of different cultures where the artsy seem to thrive. In Portland, you are given all the opportunities that a big city has to offer, but because nature and the environment is something the city tries hard to protect, this is a city for any tree hugger and nature goer out there. You have art museums, five star restaurants, theatre, symphonies, and a dozen different gardens to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you’re hobbies are traditional or down right strange, there is something for you to entertain yourself in this beautiful city.



For The Beach Bums

The Oregon Coast is a postcards dream. During the summer months charming small towns like Sea Side and Lincoln City become the perfect tourist destination for those who love the ocean, but don’t want to deal with the chaos of California. With dozens of beach front vacation homes to rent out for a weekend or a month, you’ll get the chance to experience small beach towns, fabulous seafood, fishing and campfires, antiquing and the everyday adventures of meeting the locals, as well as fellow travelers from all around the world. Another plus, is that the Oregon Coast isn’t nearly as crowded as other popular beaches, so depending on which town you choose to visit, solitude might just be your best friend.


For The Wine Connoisseurs. A.K.A The Fancy Pants

Something Oregon isn’t lacking is class. Just because the rainy weather might keep you in sweatpants a good 75% of the time, doesn’t mean that you can’t get fancy in the Oregon country side. With Vineyards a plenty, there are multiple destinations between Portland and the Coast that can make for a lovely romantic getaway. Wine tasting while overlooking beautiful green landscapes of vineyards and farmland might just be the definition of relaxing. And where there’s wine, there’s always a good time.


For The Happy Campers

No matter where you are in Oregon, nature surrounds you. It's hard not to experience a deep love for mother earth while enveloped in this states greenery. But for those of you who truly love the out doors, hikes in Oregon are those that will leave you speechless. With five national parks in the state and dozens of hiking trails, there will be something for you no matter your athletic ability. Looking for something breathtaking, but wont actually make you out of breath? Take the Macleay Trail in Northwest Portlands Forest Park. It will feel as if you are taking a stroll through a fairytale, without the fear of being eatin by a witch. 

If I haven't convinced you, yet. There is infinite list of more reasons why Oregon should be your next travel destination. Save your summer vacation plans for all the beauty Oregon has to offer!

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