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Why You Should Watch “Love Island” Instead of “The Bachelor”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

With the final episodes of The Bachelor airing in the next few weeks, parties on Monday nights will gather around to see who will get the final rose. Well, I’m here to tell you it’s not worth it, there is a much better show you should be watching. Take Bachelor in Paradise, put it in Spain, and finally… make it British. That’s right, I’m here to tell you that the Love Island is WAY better than The Bachelor in so many ways!

Let me give you a little background about Love Island to begin with. Love Island takes six single boys (mates) and six single girls (birds) and puts them in a beautiful villa on the coast of Spain. As soon as the singles enter the villa, they immediately must couple up. Yep, no introductions, no conversations, simply look at who walked in and couple up. When in their couples, the contestants are set free to enjoy the villa and pursue their relationships.

The first reason why Love Island is better than The Bachelor is that there is a new episode every weekday. So, no more waiting for Monday night, or Tuesday if you watch it on Hulu; you get a new episode every weekday, and every five episodes there is a bonus episode that recaps everything important and gives you some extra drama. This means you will see every hushed conversation, every couple fight, every cheeky comment made among friends — you will see everything. This means that every season has 43 episodes instead of about seven or eight. Love Island gives you all the content you asked for, and a lot you didn’t ask for as well.

Have you ever screamed at your TV as the wrong girl gets a rose and the one you were rooting for gets in the back of the black SUV and cries on her way home? Love Island gives the audience a say in what happens in the villa. If you watch along, you can text in and vote who gets sent into the villa, which couple is your favorite, and who gets dumped from the villa. This is also great because the contestants are constantly changing, and you aren’t stuck with the same 12 girls for the whole six weeks. New people come in and people are dumped out which keeps it more interesting.

One of the best things that comes from The Bachelor is the friendships between the different contestants. If they don’t get a one-on-one or a group date, they are stuck in the mansion or the hotel with each other, so it’s no wonder they get so close. But you don’t ever get to see the contestants get close because the cameras always follow the dates. In the villa, because everyone is with each other all the time, you can really see friendships develop and see all the jokes and conversations between everyone, not just what the producers want you to see.

The last and one of the most important reasons why I love Love Island more than The Bachelor is you get to root for so many more couples and see so many more happy endings. There is SO MUCH crying in The Bachelor and it’s one of the worst feelings to see the girl you were rooting for get sent home, but with Love Island you root for up to six couples and hopefully you get to see six happy endings. You have the opportunity to watch them get to know each other, get together, fight, make up, and hopefully get engaged at the end of the season. You really get involved with these people and you want what’s best for them, so instead of crying along with the girl in the back in the car, you cry tears of happiness when one of the couples begins to make plans outside of the villa.

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There are many reasons why I love Love Island way more than The Bachelor, but you should watch and see for yourself. Get watching! So, Love Island, will you accept this rose, and I’m sorry, The Bachelor, but the public has voted you out of the villa.

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Rebecca is a sophomore finishing her last year of prerequisite courses before starting the nursing program. She works at an oral surgeon's office as a surgical assistant and receptionist.
Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor