Why You Should Take a Break From Makeup

We all get sucked into the makeup trap. It's a vicious cycle. You wear a full face of makeup, which gives you acne, which means you have to wear more makeup to cover it up... It seems like it never ends. You should take a break from makeup, and here's why:


Your skin needs to breathe once in a while. If you're wearing makeup, especially heavy foundation, your pores are most likely clogged and suffocating. Give your face a break for a little bit! 

2. A lot of the time we get so caught up in social media and societal expectations that we don't take the time to appreciate our own natural beauty. No one has a perfect face. No one has perfect skin, eyelashes, lips, or symmetry. Your "flaws" are part of what makes you beautiful. By taking time to go out in public (or even just look in the mirror) with a bare face, you can help improve your confidence. 

3. You'd never believe how much time you actually spend putting on makeup. Even if you just throw on some mascara, there is a surprising amount of time wasted in the mornings critiquing your physical appearance and carefully applying art to your face. By simplifying your morning routine you can schedule in more sleep or "you" time, which is always needed. 

 4. When you take a much-needed break from makeup, you'll find your skin and face look better, even after you've started putting on makeup again. Mascara always looks best after a day of giving your eyelashes a break. Less clumps and more self-confidence is the name of the game. 

Makeup can be a fun way to boost self-esteem, and can sometimes even be artistic, but when we start relying on it as our self worth, there's a problem. We are not the sum of our beauty, and by taking time to learn to love the face underneath all your makeup, you can grow as a person. 

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