Why You Should Go to the Women's Leadership Summit

The Women's Leadership Summit is an amazing event happening on the University of Utah campus for women leaders to become more confident and to network with one another. There aren't many times when strong women from all over our University come together at one event, so make sure you sign up while you still can!  There will be a keynote speaker, program sessions and the opportunity to spend time talking to your fellow women leaders on campus.

Here is the conference schedule so you can see what kinds of fun things will be happening next Tuesday:

Conference Schedule

Registration & Vendor Fair     2:00pm-2:30pm

Welcome                                2:30pm-2:40pm

Keynote                                  2:44pm-3:30pm

Workshop Session 1              3:45pm-4:30pm

Workshop Session 2              4:40pm-5:25pm

Workshop Session 3              5:35pm-6:15pm

Networking Reception           6:15pm-7:00pm

Here is a short passage from the leadership website to inspire you to register and attend this incredible event:

"HER: Story /Movement /Life

Women’s lives consist of choices, desires, decisions, needs, relationships, sacrifices, goals and attainment of those goals. Women's lives are lived in the context of the times and the generations and are influenced by the social happenings and political climate.

Women’s lives are complex in our relationship with ourselves as well as our inclusion of others, family, children or community. We have dreams that drive us, and work and love that grounds us.

In short, women move in the moment and in movements of history throughout our lives.

Where are you in your life movement? How is your story shaped by the bigger movements in our time and culture? What are the choices, and desires and imaginative risks you have taken or sacrifices you have made to create the life you want?

What have you composed and completed in the past? What movement are you composing in your life now?

What’s your story?"

The Women's Leadership Summit will be held March 28 from 2-7pm in the Union Ballroom. Register now at: http://leadership.utah.edu/wls/. Registration ends Friday, so do it now before it's too late! This will be an opportunity on campus you definitely don't want to miss!

All information found at: http://leadership.utah.edu/wls/