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Why Self Love is The Best Love to Receive this Valentine’s Day

We live in a world where human attraction is ideal, but thanks to some badass women like Rain Dove, Chantel Young, Jade Willoughby (if you don’t know who these boss ladies are, girl you best be doing some research right now) who are letting the world know that skin conditions, skin pigment, sexual orientation does not define who we are as individuals, but rather enhance the uniqueness of what we are. We are redefining what it means to be a sexy confident, beautiful woman without having to validate ourselves from others. The love we must strive for in the long run, is our own, here’s a few reasons why self love is the best love!  


Self Acceptance

You can’t love others without loving yourself first. Besides what’s not to love?


Builds Confidence

Embrace your inner Beyonce, and show this world the bawse that you are!


 Mental Health Awareness

While it’s good to put others before your needs put your mindset first. Healthy  mind, happy life.


Looking Good For You

No matter if you’re dating or living your best single life, dress for yourself, not to impress anyone else.


You Are More Independent

Friends, Lovers will come and go, but you’ll always have yourself to rely on and that’s pretty bomb.


You Are A Happier Person

This one is pretty simple, but a happy you is a better you, and best believe your happiness is definitely attractive.


So maybe some of these you have heard before, maybe some seem over redundant. But if you keep hearing them, then there has to be some truth in it. Look, I’m going to be honest and real with you, the truth is you don’t need someone to tell you that you’re a strong, independent, beautiful human being, because you already know. But just because you know, doesn’t mean you stop reminding yourself. So yeah Valentine’s Day is mostly for couples, and is meant to spend time with that special someone, but that special someone can also mean yourself. It’s okay to be in a relationships, it’s okay to be seeing some one, but make sure to dedicate some time for yourself. Taking care of your needs, your goals, and  your dreams allows for one awesome  human being to conquer the world. And yes, we will look in awe, because when you love yourself, and care for yourself, you allow others to see the stunning person that the rest of world has yet to fall in love with.









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