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Why It’s Not So Crazy To Try A Crazy Color

Once upon a time, women rocked crazy hair as a sign of rebellion. They were often frowned upon, rejected for their differences. Today is different. Unnatural hair colors are in, and photos of glam females are flooding our Instagrams, Tumblrs, and Pinterests. While a lot of people are flocking to their salons, there are a lot more who refuse. Well I’m here to tell you, crazy colors are for you too.

Women often approach me to compliment my hair color. It’s currently a mix of purple and blue, but it won’t be for long. I am addicted to change. That being said, I cannot tell you how often I receive a variation of – “OMG, I love your hair! I could never pull that off, but it looks so good on you!” or “OMG! Your hair is awesome. You’re so brave!” No matter how intently I tell them that having blue hair isn’t brave, and that they could pull it off, they laugh and wave it off. 

I need to say it, ladies. I need to say it for every person with crazy hair who has received those compliments. There is nothing brave about having crazy hair. It grows back. It isn’t permanent. We’re sick of hearing it. But as much as we’re sick of hearing it, we’d rather bring you into the fold. You can and should try crazy colors and crazy styles too. I’m serious. I dare you to make an appointment and try something new. 

Everyone has their hesitancies. Hair color isn’t a dress that you can take off at the end of the night. It’s a one to two month commitment. Luckily, it isn’t as difficult to make drastic changes as it used to be. Hair stylists can now take you from blonde to purple and back again. Of course, you have to be careful. No one wants to cause permanent damage. 

Not every person with colored hair is a hipster. Or a goth. Or a punk. Or a badass. Let’s be honest, hair color can be an extension of style. Whether you gravitate toward a feminine pastel pink, or an edgy teal blue, it will work with your wardrobe. It could even help you to find a look unique to you. 

While many people are hesitant about coloring their own hair, as I previously stated, they will not be above tapping your shoulder in public so they can compliment you. I once went to three liquor stores in a day (researching an article) and all three cashiers made conversation about my daring choice. Standing out can be fun, and you don’t even have to try if you have colored hair. 

You can also trust me when I tell you that men love it too. It shows that your confident and comfortable with yourself. It definitely makes it easier for these men too. If they aren’t sure how to approach you, you bet they’ll immediately comment on your hair and segway that into buying you another drink.

If you’ve never colored your hair before, I get it. It’s terrifying. You may never see your natural color again, and that’s commitment. Even if you’re a serial bleacher, it can still be nerve-racking to try something unnatural. Will you be able to find jobs? Will your friends approve? While keeping your job may be terribly important, your friends opinions are not. You color your hair for you, and you’ll feel great about yourself for being daring. I want you to get onto Pinterest and start lusting. You’ll fall in love with a color and a hue, and it will reveal things about you. 

Now look in the mirror. Imagine it. Do it. Live it. Rock it. 

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