Why a Dip Manicure is the Only Mani You Should Be Getting

Deciding on the type of manicure you are getting can be difficult, but no matter what the occasion, there is one type that tops them all. Have you ever wanted something with the finish of shellac, strength of acrylic, but natural growth of a basic manicure? Because there is a solution, and that solution is called a dip manicure. Not every nail salon offers dip manicures, but that's what makes finding the ones who do such a treat.

How does a dip manicure work, you ask? Well, that answer is simple. After sanding your nail and cutting your cuticles, there is a sort of primer that goes on to your nail before it is immediately dipped into a colored powder. Directly afterwards, the fingertips are dusted and then the prime coat and dip is repeated. This step is typically repeated three to four times. Once the dipping is complete, it dries almost instantly and they sand the manicure to smooth it out before adding a top coat and putting your hands under the same light you would if you were getting a gel mani, and soon enough your nails are filed and on point. 

Now that you understand the process, it is easier to explain the benefits. Number one, a regular manicure typically lasts slightly over a week, a gel manicure will last about two, and a dip manicure lasts three to four weeks. Second, the nails never break or chip, and third, an acrylic manicure will last a bit longer, but ruins your natural nail and limits growth. A dip manicure not only lasts three to four weeks, but helps your natural nail grow longer and stronger. You have the option of adding a tip on to your nail for additional length or not, but either way the manicure makes your nails grow faster and not only makes them stronger while it's on, but as soon as it's off as well. 

Unfortunately, the price for a dip manicure is slightly more than the other types, but for how much longer it lasts and the benefits it supplies, you are almost paying less. We can’t all afford to get a manicure every two weeks even if we’d like to, so getting one once a month is a smart solution. For someone with short, weak and fragile nails, you not only look better, but you feel better too. There is no more constant worrying about breaking a nail, and there is no pain that accompanies the first application—like the acrylic. On a pros and cons list, there aren’t many cons, and when it comes to beauty, that is what a girl likes to hear. Therefore, when you are looking for your next miracle solution in terms of your nails, and you just can’t function until you aren’t staring at your nail beds, go try a dip manicure, because it will surely “nail” your problem right on the head. 


Here are a couple of places in Salt Lake City, Utah to get a dip manicure:

Top Nail & Spa: 4689 E Murray Holladay Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84117

Sky Nails: 725 E 2100 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84105