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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

She’s back. And when I say she’s back I mean, she’s *clapping emoji* back. Demi Lovato performed and released her first song since her overdose and hospitalization in July 2018. Not only did she come back, but she also brought everything she’s been storing for a year and a half and showed up with power and prestige. She made people listen. She sang her single “Anyone” for the Grammy’s last week and then came back to wow us with a performance of the National Anthem for the Super Bowl, a National Anthem that lived up to the greats. 

Demi has always been an awe-inspiring person to me. (Her first Instagram post after her return from her overdose was reminding us to vote! Can she be more perfect???) She went through IT ALL, and every time has come back with her heart on her sleeve and a story of triumph to share. When she released “sober” I listened for a day straight in pure shock and felt her heartache. When I watched “Simply Complicated” I sat speechless after the conclusion. She has never stopped pushing herself past her struggles and been a champion of success while embracing failure. Her ability to move people because of what she has gone through is nothing short of powerful. Although she has been torn down over and over again for her struggles of addiction and disease she has come back stronger to prove to everyone why those won’t break her. 

Through all of the heartaches that she has been through, Demi also was able to find her voice. Moving from a Disney kid to a full-grown adult with a personal voice can be hard, as I’ve observed over time and through many people. Although she doesn’t try to be flawless she has gone through hardships and has found a voice that is inspiring, fun and has transitioned into a popular artist on her own terms. 

Demi unquestionably possesses the qualities of pure vulnerability, of strength, of passion and is willing to share those qualities with us. Those are the qualities I feel that I lack most, and that is why she is such an inspiration to me. I wanted to be her when I was young on the Disney Channel but little did I know that over the next seven years she would continue to prove why we should all want to be her today. That is one reason that Demi’s return in the past few weeks is a win for us all; it’s a reminder to stay strong, to persevere and to check up on your friends that are asking for help. 

With her single “Anyone” recorded just days before her hospitalization, she is crying out for help and felt she wasn’t being heard. There is a whole new meaning to the song now. It shows that sometimes when we don’t even know when we need help, and we have to be willing to listen to those asking for it. If we are willing to reach out a hand we will find one in return. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and be willing to stand up or help someone make a change. 

More than anything Demi Lovato returned with grit and resilience just 18 months her name was plastered on new papers for her relapse and overdose. Her return has given survivors of addiction a reason to keep going, the undying message that it does get better. She has given young kids a reason to not give up, that you can accomplish your wildest dreams if you work for them and she has given all of us a reason to stay strong because although we all go through tough times there is a light at the end of the tunnel. No matter what you’re going through. 

So to Demi, who I’ve adored for years, thank you. You have given all of us a message and a story to remember. Welcome back. 

U of U Journalism Major! BIG sports girl.
Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor