Which Super Hero You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign

It’s fun to see what kind of super power you would have. Well, despite what these superheroes’ actual birthdays are, here are the zodiac signs that better match up to our beloved heroes’ personalities! Are you more like the good-hearted Captain America? Or would you be his fiery enemy in Civil War?

Aries: Iron Man

This man is fire. He is brilliantly intelligent, confident, and gets his way. He is ambitious in his endeavors, and is attractive – fire signs tend to be attractive people, no matter what they physically look like. He also likes to be right, even if he is in the wrong; Aries don’t like to even face the idea of them being in the wrong.

Tony Stark’s actual birthday: May 29th (Gemini)

Taurus: Hulk

I call my mom the She-Hulk. My mom is the sweetest angel you will ever meet – until she’s pissed. Don’t tick off a Taurus, otherwise they will turn green and their super-strength will defy you. On the other hand, Bruce Banner is the sweetest and most thoughtful, laid-back of all the heroes.

Bruce Banner’s actual birthday: December 18th (Sagittarius)

Gemini: Loki

The two-faced sign… who would be a better fit? I honestly don’t think Loki really thinks through whether he is evil or good at any given moment – he simply follows what he feels. When he is being a good guy, he is loyal and sharp. Devious, hilarious and charming – that’s Gemini, for you.

Loki’s actual birthday: Unknown

Cancer: Black Widow

This smart and sultry hero is guarded, dark and independent. She also has a soft side, as you see through her gentle touch with Hulk. With such a dark past, can you blame her for having a dark side? Cancers must keep their shells tough in order to protect themselves.

Natalia Alianovna Romanova’s actual birthday: Unknown

Leo: Thor

Lovable and handsome – and he knows it. This man on a mission really is the fire (sorry, Hulk). Thor is loyal as they come. He risks his life for everyone he loves, and he loves a lot. In his mind, he isn’t really doing much risking – because he is the best of the best, God of Thunder, of course.

Thor’s actual birthday: Unknown

Virgo: Superman

Virgos are known for being good at pretty much everything they try. Super Man has super-strength, can fly, and he wears those hot nerd glasses. He seems to be a constant stress ball, because he’s worried about who needs to be saved next. Poor man really does carry the weight of the world on his shoulders!

Clark Kent’s actual birthday: June 18th (Gemini)

Libra: Black Panther

Marvel’s website describes Black Panther as a “master planner,” because he is always a few steps ahead of his enemy. That is what Libra is known for, too. He is charismatic and quick – just like you, Libra. T’Challa is a hard worker, proficient in the sciences and in combat. Our Logical Libra can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

T’Challa’s actual birthday: Unknown

Scorpio: Dr. Strange

What’s interesting about Scorpio is that they are one of the most logical signs, which is strange because they are also very intuitive and spiritual. They are the kind of sign who will make fun of the zodiac to their deathbeds – but sneakily read about their signs at night. Scorpios are also the Healers of the zodiac. All of this sound familiar?

Stephen Vincent Strange’s actual birthday: November 18th (Scorpio)

Sagittarius: Spider Man

Sagittarians are complete wild cards. They tend to be nothing like what astrology says they are like, but they really are easy personalities to peg. It’s unexplainable. Spider Man is a boy at heart, a free spirit, and yet a very tender soul. These are traits of many other Sagittarians I have come into contact with.

Peter Parker’s actual birthday: Unknown (Spider Man’s debut was August 10th, though!).

Capricorn: Batman

Batman’s super power is intelligence alongside a dry sense of humor. He comes off pessimistic, but he’s still a good guy with a kind heart. He is a workaholic, but for the greater good. We see through you and your super powers, Capricorn.

Bruce Wayne’s actual birthday: February 19th (Pisces)

Aquarius: Captain America

Aquarians are the humanitarian meets the innovator of the zodiac. They have a do-gooder soul, and tend to be very popular. Steve Rogers is an independent man who is more interested in the well-being of others than in love – just like you, Aquarius.

Steve Rogers’ actual birthday: July 4th (fitting; also Cancer)

Pisces: Wonder Woman

This sensitive beauty believes that love can conquer all, just as our little dreamy Pisces. She is a warrior goddess with a sense of innocence. She surprises everyone with her feminine strength, and just wants the world to be a peaceful place.

Diana Prince’s actual birthday: March 22nd (Aries; yeah, right).

No matter your sign, remember that you are super!

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