What They Don't Tell You About Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are known for their fierce look, adorable designs, and making you feel empowered and sexy. They give you a slight sense of having your life together (and I use the word slight lightly in this scenario.) But as someone who has had acrylic nails for a few months now, there is a whole other side to this “dream” and I’m here to let you know what to expect and give you the real girl to girl talk.

First and foremost, the cost can get pretty expensive and demanding since you’ll be going in for a fill every 2-3 weeks if you want to keep up on those nails. And trust me, you’re going to want to. People will notice the time and commitment you put into your nails by the how groomed your nails look.

The pain is definitely the second point I’m going to make. Now, the pain isn’t all the time. Once you get used to the nails, you’ll barely notice them. But when I first got my nails, my fingers were in complete agony. I remember wanting to cry and just rip them all off. After 4-5 days, I was adjusting to the acrylics well and now I have never looked back. Of course, breaking a nail is unspeakably painful and hitting anything with your nail feels like the world is ending, but at least you will be looking flawless in your dark times.

Normal things don’t feel so normal anymore. Good luck putting in and taking out your contacts, and have fun trying to button up your shirt or jeans. Jewelry is almost impossible to do up yourself, and don’t even try to pick up flat objects on the floor, you’ll just feel stupid. As humiliating as it is to ask for help from people nearby, 9/10 times they are more than willing to help you out.

Get prepared to be the new Mr. Clean. Your hygiene is about to go up 12 notches. You’ll find yourself washing your hands constantly and cleaning under your nails as much as possible. You will notice all the things that show up on your nails. Don’t let it get you too OCD, some things are just impossible to clean. Especially when it gets under your natural nail.

All those years spent collecting nail polish will have gone to waste. Luckily you can still paint your toenails, but with the endless colors at your salon, you won’t feel the need to use your nail polishes as much. Both a good and a bad thing.

These are just a few of the points I can think of, there are of course many more. Just look online and do your research before you take the plunge. Knowledge is and will be your best friend. It also may seem that they are more of a hassle than they are worth, but as I was typing this article, I saw my nails and it made feel more professional than I ever had before getting acrylic nails. Which is why I will always recommend nails to anyone who is interested in getting some.